Who is PURE.D? Fans react to reports of GOT7’s JAY B and YouTuber PURE.D dating

GOT7's JAY B is confirmed to be dating YouTuber PURE.D (Images via and @pure.ddd/Instagram)
GOT7's JAY B is confirmed to be dating YouTuber PURE.D (Images via and @pure.ddd/Instagram)

The K-pop industry has been blessed with another high-profile couple in 2022. GOT7 and H1GHR MUSIC’s JAY B is reportedly dating YouTuber PURE.D. The latter is a special effects makeup artist and has over 476k subscribers on her channel.

On July 7, 2022, Wikitree published a report stating that representatives from both artists’ agencies gave a joint statement confirming the relationship. The duo have been dating for nine months after meeting through an acquaintance.

Many people initially took the news with a pinch of salt as Wikitree is not perceived as an official or genuine source of information. As per Campaign Asia, the platform “allows users to post and edit editorial content in data in a manner similar to Wikipedia.” Neither of the artists officially addressed the news, so fans were reluctant to believe the development.

According to WIKITREE's recent report, GOT7 JAY B is in a relationship with special effects artist / YouTuber PURE.D for 9 months now.PURE.D's agency has confirmed their relationship and GOT7 JayB agency has yet to make a statement.#GOT7 #JAYB #PURE_D #WIKITREE

However, the YouTuber's agency, Ice Creative, confirmed the reports in a phone call with South Korean news outlet Top Star News. They said:

“They are seeing each other carefully. Please support them warmly.”

Now that it’s confirmed, here’s a quick rundown of the report, fans’ initial reactions, and more about special effects artist PURE.D.

Who is JAY B’s girlfriend PURE.D?

PURE.D, aka Kim Do-hyun, is a special effects artist who is popular in her own right. She has even worked on zombie makeup for Netflix’s hit thriller All of Us are Dead.

The artist has 476k subscribers on her YouTube channel and 164k followers on Instagram. Her YouTube account is filled with incredible 3D makeup videos. She recreated the creature from Sweet Home as well, showcasing the process behind it. The SFX artist also dabbles in beauty makeup tutorials, reviews, spooky character makeup, and more.

She also has a content series titled Cruel Fairy Tale Make up in which she transforms fairy tale heroines into the spookiest creatures. Her most popular videos in the series are linked to Frozen and Sleeping Beauty, which have amassed 3.4 and 2.4 million views respectively.


This is not the first time the YouTuber has trended among K-pop fans. Back in October 2020, she trended on Twitter after featuring alongside MAMAMOO’s Solar in her Legendary Halloween Makeup Challenge.

Wikitree reports that GOT7’s JAY B and PURE.D are in a relationship, Twitter erupts

Lowkey relationship congratulations #jayb

On July 7, 2022, Wikitree published a report stating that GOT7’s leader JAY B, who is managed by H1GHR MUSIC, is in a relationship with YouTuber and special effects artist PURE.D. As per the coverage, the couple have been dating for nine months and they met through an acquaintance. Their mutual love for art is what facilitated their friendship that later blossomed into a relationship.

As per the publication, sources from both artists' agencies confirmed the news. They told Wikitree:

“The two are cautious because they are both in industries where their faces are known. The two have been in a good relationship for nine months. Please continue to support them.”

However, the artists have not personally addressed the report at the time of writing. PURE.D’s agency Ice Creative's response to Top Star News is the only official confirmation.

Fans react to the GOT7 member's dating news

JayB dating? I’m so happy for him🤌🤌

On June 27, Wikitree had reported that GOT7 member Youngjae was dating soloist LOVEY. However, Youngjae’s agency, Sublime, had released an official statement denying the report. They had clarified that the two are just colleagues.

Hence, fans were doubtful of the publication’s “exclusive” report regarding JAY B and the SFX artist. They were also skeptical of Wikitree as it released reports on both members’ relationships in a span of less than 10 days. As per a fan, the platform has been actively covering GOT7’s achievements recently.

Some commented that the idols’ private lives should remain private and that they “deserve peace.”

Why does wikitree keep exposing artist's relationships omg let them have privacy 😭😭😭
So wikitree target are now GOT7? It's like they want to reveal all the members who aren't singleCan't their private lives stay private? They are all almost 30 so most of fans wouldn't throw a fit if they are dating or get marriedThose guys deserve peace in their private lives

On the other hand, hardly any negative comments can be found about JAY B being in a relationship. The reactions were mostly hilarious and filled with memes.

jayb’s going to sleep outside tonight with his bff jinyoung who has been kissing yumi almost everytime on yumi’s cells
I was stalking jayb picture and i found pure. ddd like jaebeom picture 😍 #jayb
JAYB GOT A GF ?! MY MAN IS ACTUALLY IN A WHOLE RELATIONSHIP OMG???? I can’t believe got7 dating era is here
#Aghases celebrating JayB dating news, like winning the olympics, is not only a fresh welcome but wholesome AF, proving again why they are a cut above the rest. 🫶
This lyrics of Fame by JAY B hits different now LMAO #JAYB #GOT7 @jaybnow_hr @GOT7

There hasn’t been an official update from JAY B or his agency as of yet. Only PURE.D’s agency, Ice Creative, has confirmed the report with Top Star News.

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