"I miss you, mom and dad": GOT7's Youngjae gets emotional on radio show after hearing dad's voice

Youngjae was chosen as the new DJ for MBC FM4U’s radio program Close Friend (Image via GOT7Official/Twitter)
Youngjae was chosen as the new DJ for MBC FM4U’s radio program Close Friend (Image via GOT7Official/Twitter)

GOT7 member Youngjae had a rather emotional radio show where the idol broke down into tears after receiving a message from his dear father. After hearing his father's voice, the K-pop idol responded by saying:

"I miss you, mom and dad, so much."
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Quite recently, the Mokpo-si, South Korea, native was chosen as the new DJ for MBC FM4U's radio program Close Friend.

GOT7's Youngjae host's radio show with guest appearance from soloist Woodz

On May 5, solo artist Woodz made a guest appearance on DJ Youngjae's MBC FM4U's radio show Close Friend (also known as Best Friend).

During the episode, GOT 7's Youngjae received voice messages from fans and listeners, but one message was sent in by someone special to him, and he immediately recognized who they were by their voice.

Since May 5 is celebrated as Children's Day in Korea, kids get special gifts and treats, usually including presents, and go on family outings to the zoo, amusement park, and the like. It has been designated as a public holiday since 1975.

On this day, GOT7 Youngjae's father sent a voice message promising to send him a gift close to Youngjae's heart, a seal. The singer's father said:

"Hi, Youngjae. I heard you want a gift for Children's Day, is that right? Well, here you go! It's your seal. I've been keeping it with me, close to my heart, but I'm sending it to you now."

The K-pop idol's father concluded his sweet message with encouragement for the radio show and told his son to take care of himself. Naturally, Youngjae was seen holding back his tears and trying not to get emotional upon hearing from his father.

"I love Youngjae's Best Friend forever! Hwaiting!"

It was such a heartwarming moment that Youngjae couldn't help but get emotional and quickly broke down into tears. The radio show staff promptly checked on him to see if he was doing alright.

youngjae crying so hard after hearing his dad's voice.. youngjae...

After the message, the GOT7 star greeted fans and explained the meaning behind the seal. Youngjae told listeners that it was his favorite stuffed animal while growing up.

"You're listening to GOT7 Youngjae's Best Friend. That was my father's voice. And I understood what he meant right away, too. The seal he's talking about, I used to have a stuffed seal toy that I was really attached to when I was a kid."

The 25-year-old continued:

"It was my favorite toy, and I honestly think I carried it around until I went to middle school. So yeah, that's what he's talking about. And at one point, the seal toy lost its eye, and I kept asking my parents to replace the missing eye."

GOT7's Youngjae continued to get choked up while talking about his parents and the memories made with them. He promised to travel and visit them as soon as possible during the episode.

"Anyway, thanks, dad. I was kidding earlier, but I miss you, mom and dad, so much. I'll visit you soon when I'm not as busy. I love you."

As Korean entertainment continues to be in demand, singers and actors are usually busy carrying out various activities and hardly get time to visit their respective families.

Meanwhile, Youngjae became a DJ for MBC FM4U's radio show Close Friend on March 28. Since then, the K-pop idol has been hosting the show every night for two hours while interacting with fans and special guests.

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