Stray Kids MANIAC tour turns into a cryfest: Felix, Hyunjin, and other members get emotional

Stray Kids post the MANIAC tour concert in Seoul D-3 (Image via @Stray_Kids/Twitter)
Stray Kids post the MANIAC tour concert in Seoul D-3 (Image via @Stray_Kids/Twitter)

The multi-talented K-pop group Stray Kids, wrapped up their three-day MANIAC Seoul concert on May 1, 2022. Members Bang Chan, Changbin, Hyunjin, Seungmin, Felix, and I.N couldn’t stop their tears during the ending of the performance.

The concert turned into a cryfest as members wore their hearts on their sleeves and talked about the importance of STAYs in their lives. Leader Bang Chan vowed to protect everyone, Hyunjin shared how he couldn’t live without the members, while Felix talked about his love for fans and continued bawling his eyes out.

Towards the end, fans and the company had a surprise paper plane event planned where fans were instructed to fly the planes to the stage with their messages. The last day of the Seoul leg held more significance as the group met their fans and had an offline concert for the first time in more than two years.

"Can't live without the members": Last day of the Stray Kids MANIAC tour in Seoul leaves Hyunjin and others emotional

“i always need my members, i don’t carry them around with me, but if i don’t have them i feel a little sad. i think it’s the members who are always with me, whom i can’t live without.” — hyunjin

From April 28 to May 1, Stray Kids greeted their fans at their offline concerts after a long wait of more than two years. The wait was indeed valuable as fans were treated to new versions of several songs and many other memorable moments.

A ment break was scheduled before Stray Kids started their encore performance. During the ment, each member took turns to speak about how meaningful the concert was for them. As it was an emotional talk, some members couldn't stop themselves from crying.

Hyunjin, the #LoveSTAY boy, talked about cherishing the members, the fans, and the time spent with all of them together. The idol laid bare his heart, with his emotions and words echoing in the stadium. One of the many comments that have stuck with fans during Hyunjin’s ending ment is:

“I'll do my best so when you hear my name, the word 'love' will immediately come to your mind. I'll make you proud, and I want you to be happy because of me. I love you, STAY.”
hyunjin on his ment said he doesn't know if he's doing well so later on han just gave hyunjin a back hug and said he did a good job 🥺❤️ they're too precious
hyunjin’s ending ment ♡ “to be loved so much like this, i’m not used to it. “do i deserve this kind of love?” i used to think like that. i am still not sure why people like me. why do you like me?

The second youngest member, Felix, cried the most. The idol’s real name is Lee Yong-bok but is often called Heng-bok, which is a Korean word for “happiness.” The Australian-Korean rapper was recorded taking heavy breaths, constantly bawling his eyes out, and reading a paper plane message with shivering hands.

I want give you a hug felix I’m really cry #Felix #StrayKids_2ndWorldTour_MANIAC
Oh my days lixie don't cry you're making my heart shatter to pieces and I just noticed he mouthed the word "ba-bye" while waving to stays🥺😖#StrayKids #FELIX #LeeFelix #LovingFelix #필릭스 #MANIAC_SKZ #MANIACINSEOUL –Video is not mine, saved from instagram.

Leader Bang Chan was another member who couldn’t stop his emotions from taking over. He tried to stop his tears and said that he would protect everyone - the staff, the fellow members, the fans - and warned people to “never touch them.” The leader being unabashedly expressive of his love became the talk of the STAY fandom.

“i’m gonna protect you, each one of you” bangchan 2022

Fans also caught vocalists Seungmin and I.N, and rapper Changbin crying. There was also a moment when Changbin picked up Seungmin who was crying at the side, and brought him to the center. According to a fan, Changbin said:

“When we cry, we do it together.”
felix was crying when he was supposed to be giving his ment so all of skz went together to comfort him 😭 changbin even brought seungmin with him and chan saying "when we cry we do it together" 😭😭😭😭
felix comforting jeongin :( please don’t cry
“to be honest, i don’t believe in forever but in this moment, being with the members anf those who help us… i want to believe in eternity with you. i want to make sure that becomes real by doing our best every day” 🥹🥹🥹

The last day of the Stray Kids MANIAC tour in Seoul wrapped up after the group put on an unscheduled performance of the song Boxer. Fans at the concert requested that the group perform an extra encore track.

Meanwhile, the Stray Kids MANIAC also has a Japan leg where the group will perform on June 11 and 12 in Kobe and June 18 and 19 in Tokyo. This will be followed by multiple cities in the US as well.

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