GOT7’s BamBam calls Ahgases ‘cheaters’ as the fandom obsesses over his backup dancer

GOT7's BamBam with his now-viral backup dancer, Kang Suk-goo (Image via Twitter)
GOT7's BamBam with his now-viral backup dancer, Kang Suk-goo (Image via Twitter)

GOT7's BamBam used the 'Welcome Home Cheater' meme to jokingly call out two fans obsessing over the idol's backup dancer. The Thai rapper was in Manila as part of the 2022 K-pop Masterz Festival lineup. While he had an incredible audience dancing to his tunes, a few Ahgases noticed a charming backup dancer.

Twitter user @believeinbam_ posted a video that captured dancer Kang Suk-goo grooving to riBBon for the first 10 seconds. The focus was later shifted to the Thai rapper. In the caption, the Twitter user mentioned:

“Bam, you are still the most beautiful person in my eyes, I promise.”

BamBam is known for his hilarious and fitting replies to fans. He's often seen on Twitter, staying connected with the fandom. As he is a man with few words, he posted the meme of 'Welcome Home Cheater' in reply to that tweet.

The idol used the same image to call out another fan who had quote-retweeted and thanked @believeinbam_ for the fan cam. He added "u too" in the caption.

GOT7 member BamBam's backup dancer Kang Suk-goo goes viral; Thai idol has fun teasing fans

On July 30, GOT7's BamBam met his Filipino fans at the K-pop Masterz Festival. The idol performed his hit songs such as Who Are You, riBBon, and more. While the Thai K-pop idol charmed the audience with a collaboration performance with Sandara Parks, there was another man that the Ahgases, GOT7's fandom, had their eyes on.

Philip Ahgases, who attended the festival, couldn't stop recording Kang Suk-goo, a 24-year-old dancer and choreographer behind the riBBon singer. Dressed in white, the choreographer's dancing and smile made many fans focus on him rather than the actual performer.

As the conversation around the dancer picked up on Twitter, the Thai rapper noticed his fans gushing over the backup dancer. The K-pop idol replied in his usual sarcastic way and called them "cheaters."

In the meantime, a few fans took the opportunity to profess their love for him. One fan mentioned their loyalty to the riBBon singer with crying emojis. He then replied with a "Let's get married tonight" GIF.

BamBam encountered two kinds of Ahgases: one who proved their loyalty to him and another who found out about Kang Suk-goo's Instagram (@soc__9) and obsessed over him. The reactions prompted the idol to play along. He later changed his Twitter profile picture to the cheater meme.

During the playful banter, the riBBon singer posted a photo with Kang Suk-goo on his Twitter account. He wrote that he would be giving him a few months of rest before his fandom flocks over to the backup dancer's side.

At the end of the day, the GOT7 member did not forget to wish his fans a good night.

The GOT7 member is one of the rare few K-pop idols who keep up to date with fans, playing with them, teasing them, and making fun of other members.

Meanwhile, the 2022 K-pop Masterz Festival lineup included BamBam's group mate Jackson Wang and TREASURE.

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