“He is a mess”: Fans are shocked as Love Is Blind alum Bartise Bowden welcomes his first child

Love Is Blind alum Bartise Bowden
Love Is Blind alum Bartise Bowden (Image via bartiseb/Instagram)

Bartise Bowden gained popularity following his appearance on Love Is Blind 2022 and then on Perfect Match 2023. Fans have mostly criticized him for being shallow and thus were shocked when they learned that Bartise recently welcomed his first child. He made the announcement on Instagram without revealing the identity of the baby’s mother.

During Bartise's time on the two reality TV shows searching for a life partner, he could never commit to anyone as the Dallas native failed to make strong connections. So, Love Is Blind and Perfect Match fans were surprised to learn that he had become a father.

In his Instagram post, he mentioned that as opposed to being "the villain on tv," he wants to be the “hero” for his first baby boy.

Fans shared their theories about Bartise being a father while filming for reality TV shows

Bartise Bowden announced on Friday on Instagram that he became a father to a baby boy. However, he didn’t mention the mother’s identity. The post included many photos of the two and a video showing the father-son duo watching Tiger Woods playing golf.

Fans were shocked by the announcement. Some wondered how he managed this while filming for two back-to-back reality TV shows.

Who is Love Is Blind star Bartise Bowden?

Bartise Bowden was a cast member of Love Is Blind season 3 and Perfect Match season 1. In his first show, he connected with Nancy and Raven while they were in their respective pods. When it came to the proposal, Bartise chose Nancy over Raven.

Nancy and the Dallas native connected on an emotional and romantic level when they came out of the pods and met each other. But things started going sideways after he met Raven outside the pods. He liked her physical appearance and admitted to being attracted to her.

At the end of Love Is Blind, Bartise decided not to marry Nancy when the two were standing at their wedding altar. He stated that he was not physically attracted to her.

He then appeared on Perfect Match and met several women. However, he couldn’t make a strong connection with anyone on the show.

Therefore, fans wondered who was Bartise’s baby mama. The new father has been a basketball player in the past but didn’t make a career in it after his ankle injuries.


Speaking about his injuries in an interview, he said:

“I was an athlete in high school and after completely shattering my ankle in a basketball game my senior year, I knew my dreams of playing D-1 basketball were over. I went to a D-3 school to play basketball, ended up breaking my other ankle and had another surgery and that’s when I decided I was done with the sport."

The athlete has completed his bachelor's and master's from the University of Texas at Dallas. He later worked with KPMG for several years before shifting to VMG Health, where he is currently working as a senior analyst.

Meanwhile, Bartise is a new dad and it will be interesting to watch his fatherhood journey.

Viewers can watch him on Love Is Blind season 3 and Perfect Match as all the episodes are available on Netflix.

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