Who is Nancy Rodriguez? Meet the real estate investor as she finds partner in Love Is Blind 2022

Will Nancy and Bartise
Will Nancy and Bartise's relationship last? (Images via thenancyrodriguez and bartiseb/ Instagram)

Netflix opened its Love is Blind pods on Wednesday, October 19, 2022, and 5 couples got engaged in the process. Nancy Rodriguez, 32, was one of the lucky ones to connect with not one but two men during her time in the pods.

Nancy got engaged to Bartise Bowden in Love is Blind Episode 3, whom she chose over Andrew Liu, a 30-year-old wildlife photographer.

Rodriguez also owns and runs a Speech-Language Pathology lab called Habla Conmigo in Kit Lane, Dallas.

More about Love is Blind contestant Nancy Rodriguez

Nancy Rodriguez was born in 1989 in Texas. She graduated from Temple High School in 2008, where she was the high school soccer team's mascot.

Nancy Rodriguez was an egg donor in high school. She donated her eggs eight times, each time donating 25 to 30 eggs. She frequently makes light of the fact that there are "hundreds of Nancys out there in the world." She did her masters from George Washington University in Speech-Language Pathology.

Rodriguez's parents are separated, and she has two brothers, Jesus and Steve. Nancy admitted on the show that she is not engaged in the children's lives, but they can still learn more about her once they turn eighteen.

She went on to say that some of her friends stopped talking to her because they thought it was an "unnatural" way to have a child. Nancy was in an 8-year relationship, but never found a partner willing to settle down with her.

Nancy chooses Bartise over Andrew

Nancy was impressed by Andrew's life experience as a wildlife photographer. Andrew also told Nancy that he loved her and wanted to marry her. However, she chose to reject his proposal on Love is Blind because she did not believe their relationship would last in real life.

She felt that he was "too cool, too calm, too collected" to be her husband and feared that he might be deceptive. As a result, she preferred Bartise over him.

Nancy was, however, concerned about Bartise's age as she wanted to have kids within 3-4 years. But she followed her instincts and accepted Bartise's proposal, admitting that she was happy to be a cougar for him. Nancy chose Bartise as well because he made her feel young.

Bartise was also torn between Raven and Nancy in the pods, but ultimately chose Nancy. He was, however, impressed with Raven's physical features when the two met in real life. He told another contestant that if things went as they were, he would say yes to Nancy on their wedding day.

Bartise also admitted that he was more in love with Nancy in real life than with the image he had of her in the pods.

Nancy can be seen crying and leaving Bartise's room in a Love is Blind preview after he tells her that appearances do matter, with Andrew comforting her as she sobs.

Netflix will release the next three episodes of Love is Blind on Wednesday, October 26, 2022, at 3 a.m. ET.

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