"He's a terrible, disgusting person": Petition to remove Big Ed from TLC gains over 3,000 signatures

Big Ed on 90 Day Fiance (Image via YouTube)
Big Ed on 90 Day Fiance (Image via YouTube)
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On Friday, May 28th, a petition to remove Big Ed from TLC reportedly surfaced. As it has accumulated over 3,000signatures, fans look back at his "displays of questionable behavior" while filming "90 Day Fiance".

Big Ed, known for his appearance on "90 Day Fiance", started to rise to fame in 2020 when he and now Philippine social media star, Rose Vega, became a couple on the show. Even when he visited her in the Philippines, many noted how "classist" and "downputting" he was.

As they called it quits, Big Ed has since then moved on with a woman named Liz, whom fans allege he is abusive towards.

Big Ed's allegations

A petition to remove Big Ed from TLC's "90 Day Fiance" surfaced after allegations that Big Ed had been accused of assault, and "questionable online behavior". The petition on also detailed an accusation made by a woman who previously worked with Big Ed.

The allegations detailed that the woman had been "sexually harassed and assaulted" by Big Ed for 9 months while they worked together, only to have been forced to sign an NDA. She then claimed that she's "been in therapy for years" to overcome the situation.

The petition also described many things that occurred during Big Ed's publicized relationship with Rose, even alluding to him being a pedophile.

"He consistently chooses young girls to be [in] his [life]. His preference for inappropriately young women is also seen when he tells Rose he is old enough to be her dad."

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Fans demand TLC remove Big Ed

After the allegations surfaced, fans of TLC's "90 Day Fiance" demanded the channel remove him from the show.

To add, many fans mentioned the previous season that featured Rose Vega, and how badly mistreated she was by Big Ed.

Some even urged the H3 Podcast and Frenemies to bring light to the situation, as their doing so for previous allegations was able to make a positive change.

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Fans of TLC's 90 Day Fiance are outraged by the allegations. Many more have signed the petition since the news was released.

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