"He is so strong": BTS' Suga sings AMYGDALA in front of his parents at Agust D-day final concert, leaving fans emotional

Featuring Suga at Agust D-Day encore concert (Image via Bighit Entertainment and jmfilter20@Twitter)
Featuring Suga at Agust D-Day encore concert (Image via Bighit Entertainment and jmfilter20@Twitter)

On August 4, 2023, BTS' Suga held his highly anticipated Agust D-Day tour encore concert at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena KSPO Dome, where he was joined by fellow group member Jungkook. Many fans who attended the concert reported that the idol's parents were also present at the event.

The aforementioned concert setlist featured several songs, including Haegeum, Daechwita, Agust D, Give It To Me, Seesaw, SDL, and many others. However, what truly captivated fans was his heart-wrenching song AMYGDALA, in which he described his untold scars and struggles in detail.

AMYGDALA is an emotional song where the rapper reflects on the accident that caused his shoulder injury and expresses his feelings about his mother's heart surgery and his father's liver cancer diagnosis.

ARMYs who attended the concert noted how difficult it must have been for the idol to perform AMYGDALA with his parents present at the event. One fan took to social media to express their thoughts about the emotional performance.

Fans are proud of Suga for singing AMYGDALA in front of his parents

As Suga fearlessly and confidently performed AMYGDALA in front of his parents, fans felt proud and overwhelmed by his strength and bravery. They flooded social media with posts expressing their admiration for him.

The track bares Suga's painful memories, where he pleads with his amygdala to erase the associated sadness. The amygdala is a part of the brain that is associated with processing emotions.

Suga's singing about his mother's heart surgery and receiving the unfortunate news about his father's liver cancer diagnosis in front of a big crowd was an incredible moment for fans. Many said that they felt only Yoongi can handle a performance like this with such grace.

Needless to say, fans soon flooded social media with their reactions to Suga's performance of AMYGDALA in the presence of his parents.

At the Agust D-Day encore concert Jungkook pleasantly surprised fans with an electrifying performance of his latest digital single, Seven. He also collaborated with Yoongi for Burn It, where the duo showcased their perfect chemistry, enjoying their time and putting up a powerful performance for the public.

Speculation about the presence of both the Left and Right singer and Kim Tae-hyung's managers arose, and fans eagerly anticipated catching a glimpse of Kim Tae-hyung at the event as well.

Additionally, fans shared the news that Suga, Kim Tae-hyung, and the Euphoria singer's parents were spotted at the concert, creating a heartwarming and family-oriented atmosphere.


Another highlight of the concert was the unexpected display of the Life Goes On OT7 VCR, which showed glimpses of all the BTS members, leaving fans emotional.

The VCR showcased different memories where the members had fun together, before they went on hiatus to serve their term for the mandatory military service of South Korea and embark on personal projects.

Min Yoongi is scheduled to conclude his Agust D-Day tour on August 6, 2023.

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Edited by Upasya Bhowal