Honey Lee surprises fans with marriage announcement 

One the Woman actor got married in a private ceremony in Seoul. (Image via Instagram/@honey_lee32)
One the Woman actor got married in a private ceremony in Seoul. (Image via Instagram/@honey_lee32)

Actor and former Miss Korea Honey Lee surprised fans with the news of her marriage to boyfriend of one year.

On November 8th, several Korean news agencies had reported that the actor was in a serious relationship with a non-celebrity. As per the reports, the pair had been in a relationship for little over a year, having been introduced by a mutual friend. Honey Lee and her partner reportedly bonded over shared interests and opinions.

Not long after, the actor’s agency, Saram Entertainment, confirmed the news, saying:

“Honey Lee is in a serious relationship with someone who she was introduced to by an acquaintance early this year. However, as he is a non-celebrity, we ask for your generous understanding in order for there to be no harm caused by release of his personal information or excessive attention”

Now it appears that the actor has taken her relationship to the next level.

Honey Lee got married on December 21

On December 21, Saram Entertainment shared the exciting news with the star’s fans, announcing that Honey Lee got married to her non-celebrity partner, at a private ceremony in Seoul. They stated that the vow ceremony was a small affair, and was attended only by close family and friends.

The statement says:

Hello, this is Saram Entertainment. We have good news regarding our label’s actress Honey Lee. Honey Lee, who met a precious person, promised to become lifelong partners [with him] based on trust and affection for each other. Considering the difficult times, instead of holding a wedding, the two got married on December 21 through a vow ceremony somewhere in Seoul that was attended by only their families.
We hope you will send congratulations and blessings [to Honey Lee]. In addition, Honey Lee’s spouse is a non-celebrity, so we politely ask you to refrain from excessive speculation about his personal information. We ask for your kind understanding.

Saram Entertainment also revealed that Honey Lee plans to return to screens with a more 'mature image'.

In the future, Honey Lee will return with a more mature image and good acting as an actress, so please give her a lot of attention and support. Thank you.

The critically acclaimed SBS drama One the Woman, which just ended, was the actor's most recent appearance on screen.

Honey Lee, who is also a classical musician and a model, competed in the Miss Universe beauty contest in 2007 and came in third place.