Honey Lee confirms relationship, agency asks fans to respect privacy of non-celebrity boyfriend

One the Woman actor Honey Lee confirms dating rumours. (Image via Viki)
One the Woman actor Honey Lee confirms dating rumours. (Image via Viki)

After days of speculation about a potentially significant other, Honey Lee’s agency has finally confirmed the rumor that the actor is dating someone. Surprisingly, the lucky man is not a celebrity.

The South Korean actor last appeared on screen in the critically acclaimed SBS drama One the Woman, which recently concluded. Honey Lee, who is also a classical musician and model, represented Korea in the Miss Universe beauty pageant, back in 2007, and won the 3rd runner up.

One the Woman's Honey Lee's dating rumours confirmed

Previously, entertainment agency Sports Seoul had claimed that the actor is currently dating a non-celebrity, and the relationship is serious.

While Honey Lee and her agency, Saram Entertainment, maintained their silence for a short while, they have now come out with a statement confirming the rumors.

Saram Ent. confirmed #HoneyLee is dating a non-celeb whom she met through an acquiantance earlier this year. "We ask for your understanding so there's no damage caused by the disclosure of his personal info"… #KoreanUpdates VF

In an official statement, the former Miss Korea’s agency revealed that Honey Lee is currently in a relationship with someone she met this year, through a mutual acquaintance.

The agency also clarified that Honey Lee’s partner is not a part of the entertainment industry, and thus his privacy should be respected.

As stated by Saram Entertainment:

“Hello. This is Saram Entertainment. This is an official statement regarding the news about actress Honey Lee that was reported today.”

The agency further added:

“Honey Lee is in a serious relationship with someone who she was introduced to by an acquaintance early this year. However, as he is a non-celebrity, we ask for your generous understanding in order for there to be no harm caused by release of his personal information or excessive attention.”

The agency also asked fans of Honey Lee to wish the couple luck and love, signing out with:

“Please show warmth so they can continue their beautiful relationship in the future. Thank you”

According to the initial rumors, Honey Lee and her new beau share many common interests, and are extremely compatible. Their similar frame of mind, according to reports, is what brought them closer.

Fans of the Be Melodramatic actor have expressed their support and love for the couple.

#KIMNAMGIL 's friends updates Lee Honey is reportedly dating a non-celebrity. Lee Si Eon is getting married to actor Seo Ji-seung in Jeju on Dec 24.Congratulations !
Awww... Lee Honey is dating a non celeb and she confirmed it...
@allkpop Awww i love her so much im watching her in fiery priest and one the woman rn
He is so lucky. Honey is so kind and beautiful 💕
It's great to hear celebrities are in a relationship!
Good for Honey! Alright! Glad to hear she has found someone who makes her happy.

Honey Lee opens up about One The Woman

Honey Lee had recently opened up to the public about her feelings regarding the end of the drama One The Woman, thanking the audience for their love.

“I think I always feel disappointed at the end of a project. I don’t want to say goodbye to the cast and crew I’ve worked with, and it’s the last time that I’ll be playing this character, and I’m saying goodbye to the viewers who loved ‘One the Woman’ too.

She further continued:

I think I always feel both refreshed and regretful at the end. Not just me, but all the actors and production staff members worked hard, but I think it was due to the viewers that our hard effort didn’t go to waste and was able to shine bright. Thank you so much.”

Honey Lee’s last public relationship was with South Korean actor and singer Yoon Kye Sang. The couple parted ways in June of 2020, after dating for over 7 years. Yoo Kye Sang recently got married to his girlfriend in August of this year.

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