How many children does Antonio Gates have? The Real Dirty Dancing star’s family explored

Antonio Gates with his kids (Image via Instagram/theantoniogates85)
Antonio Gates with his kids (Image via Instagram/theantoniogates85)

Former National Football League star Antonio Gates is all set for a new innings on the dance reality show, The Real Dirty Dancing, which aired on February 1, 2022 on Fox.

The former professional football player, who was a tight end for the San Diego/Los Angeles Chargers in the NFL, retired in 2020 after 16 years with the Chargers to spend some more time with his four kids.

How many children does Antonio Gates have

Born as Antonio Ethan Gates Sr. on June 18, 1980, in Detroit, Michigan, Gates is a father of four children and has been married to his long-time girlfriend and model, Sasha Dindayal, since 2011.

Gates welcomed Ayla in February 2014, and almost a year later in June 2015, he became a father to Aven, his son.

But before getting married to Dindayal, Antonioa was in a relationship with Tasha White, with whom he has two kids. He also shares a 19-year-old daughter, Ananda Gates, with Lauren Lee, a producer at CNN.

Antonio Gates jr. recently graduated from high school and s committed to Michigan State University.

For Gates, being a dad is one of the biggest joys that fills his heart with happiness. He said, to, while expressing his joy at being a father,

“They make it really easy to come home! Very, very easy. That's what it's about. When I come home, the word 'daddy' is used excessively. It makes you feel good about what you do and the things you accomplish when you're gone. But it definitely makes you warm when you come home.”

Although, due to his professional commitments Gates has missed many important events of his kids life but he hopes that,

“when it's all said and done, they'll forgive me! But also, they'll understand that when you have a family, you have to support your family; that's my duty.”

Now, having retired from his profession on January 14, 2020, Gates is often seen making up for lost time with his children. He often posts pictures of his family having a gala time on his Instagram.

Gates, whose net worth is estimated to be around $30 Million, will now show his moves in the dance reality show The Real Dirty Dancing, airing on February 1, 2022, on Fox.

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