How old is Brittany Furlan? Tommy Lee's wife slammed for mocking Pamela Anderson in TikTok video

Brittany Furlan under fire for mocking husband
Brittany Furlan under fire for mocking husband's ex-Pamela Anderson (Image via Getty Images)

Tommy Lee's 36-year-old wife Brittany Furlan has landed herself in hot waters after she shared a TikTok video mocking Lee's ex-Pamela Anderson. The video, shared earlier this week, shows Furlan in a "90's Pam Makeup" filter joking about how the Baywatch actress would not care about her death.

The TikTok video, which has since been deleted, featured Furlan with a fake concerned expression saying, "Oh, oh," while the on-screen caption read, "Pam if I died." Internet users were certainly not happy and took to social media to call out the former Vine video maker.

The clip came around the release time of Anderson's Netflix documentary, Pamela: A Love Story, and her memoir Love, Pamela.

Anderson and Lee were married for three years before the couple split in 1998 over domestic abuse allegations. They share two sons.

To mitigate the public backlash levied at her TikTok video, Furlan captioned the post:

"Pls guys I gotta make jokes it’s how I cope."

However, fans continued slamming the influencer online.

"Stop shading and grow up": Brittany Furlan faces outcry after disrespectful TikTok video

Pamela with her sons at the release of her documentary (Image via Getty Images)
Pamela with her sons at the release of her documentary (Image via Getty Images)

Despite Furlan eventually deleting the TikTok video, netizens shared a copy, spreading the video online.

Internet users were shocked and upset with Brittany Furlan for her insensitive take on Anderson. They called her "tone-deaf" and "embarrassing." Many commented that Pamela always wished well for her and her relationship with Tommy Lee, making her seem just jealous. User @Ellisbellaa, commented:

@BrittanyFurlan She wished u well and has just made a documentary describing her abuse MOST of it at the hands of your husband and you decided to make it about u. Ur weird and gross
brittany furlan letting her remaining vine followers know that SHE’S okay amidst a documentary about pamela anderson’s painful life story … i cannot imagine being that tone deaf, insensitive, and out of touch LOL

Twitterati specifically pointed out that Pamela Anderson was offering her side of the story about her past experiences, which had nothing to do with the 36-year-old. One user, @panelsandprose, commented:

Brittany Furlan making a snarky TikTok about Pam Anderson is so 🙄Why are you bringing up the woman who your husband abused? You married him, the kids are grown, she's said she will never be with him again, what's your problem?

Others remarked that the former Vine video maker frequently plays victim and turns headlines towards herself every time Anderson is mentioned with her husband. Twitter user @AlexontheMic stated:

Brittany Furlan really did not need to make a whole video being like “that’s for checking on me” after the Pam documentary like girl.

Here are some other comments seen on Twitter criticizing Brittany Furlan:

Can Brittany Furlan like…Not? Pamela Anderson spoke about how she respects Tommy’s new marriage. She is simply telling her story in HER WORDS. Brittany cries everytime Pamela speaks about the abuse she endured and her journey to forgiveness. Like girl…stop shading and grow up.
brittany furlan is a 30 year old woman being mad over a girl speaking about a traumatizing relationship from 1955. that’s what being obsessed with ur significant other can do to you.
Brittany Furlan was really so wrong for that tik tok.
Kinda super gross how Brittany Furlan consistently chases clout off of the fumes of Pamela Anderson’s literal trauma and public humiliation that was caused by Tommy Lee and sees each time headlines about them in the press as a new chance to somehow make herself the victim
brittany furlan going to hell keep my girl pamela’s name out of your mouth
brittany furlan be threatened by Pam Anderson existing is nuts.
Brittany furlan is beyond embarrassing..

Who is Brittany Furlan?

Brittany Furlan is an American internet personality and comedian from Pennsylvania. She rose to fame as the most famous female Viner, boasting a following of 10 million before the app was shut down.

At its peak, her sketches on the site earned her videos crossing over 4 million views. She soon migrated to other social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, where she still holds a substantial viewership and following.

Brittany Furlan with Tommy Lee (Image via Getty Images)
Brittany Furlan with Tommy Lee (Image via Getty Images)

In 2015, she was named the most influential person on the internet by Time magazine. She has appeared on MTV shows like Ridiculousness and E!’s The Soup, as well as mainstream Hollywood movies like We Are Your Friends.

In 2017, she began dating Mötley Crüe drummer, Tommy Lee. The couple got engaged on February 14, 2018, and married a year later.

Following the backlash after her TikTok video, Furlan explained that it was done in humor and stated that it has been "twisted" to meet a certain narrative. She remarked that she is not annoyed with Anderson and that tons of family and friends offered her support as the "documentary made it very clear that Pam is still very much in love with Tommy." However, she added that the 55-year-old is entitled to how she feels.


In an interview with the Wall Street Journal regarding her book, Anderson acknowledged that Furlan wouldn't be too happy with it as it was a deep dive into her love story and divorce from Tommy Lee. She remarked:

"I’m sure it’s going to be annoying to his wife... I’d be annoyed. "

Lee is yet to comment on the controversy or his former wife's documentary and memoir.

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