“I can’t see it happen to my friends”: Disguised Toast tears up on Twitch as he addresses receiving flak online

Disguised Toast during his Twitch broadcast (Imag
Disguised Toast during his Twitch broadcast (Image via FB gaming
Modified 03 May 2021

Earlier today, Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang posted an emotional video on Twitch reacting to the Twitlonger thread alleging him of pedophilia and racism.

Disguised Toast has been the victim of toxic harassment since a Twitter user, @serenitysphere, shared a lengthy post detailing allegations such as a “rape advocate” directed towards the streamer. The thread references several instances from his past broadcasts and suggested the 29-year-old needed educating in matters that offended communities.

The long thread claims Disguised Toast has often engaged in ill-suited pleasantries during his stream, which obtrudes on particular communities.

Wang was also sent an email with a list of all allegations imposed on him. Fans can check out the tweet below.

Disguised Toast gets emotional after fans attack friends defending him

Initially, the Taiwanese-Canadian YouTuber responded to the allegations, appreciating the fan(s) polite approach in bringing up their concerns to him. But he hit back at the Twitter community for throwing “flak” at his friends, such as fellow streamer Leslie “Fuslie” Fu, for defending him after a barrage of toxic users began posting vile responses.

The Among Us streamer made it clear that he takes responsibility for his “satirical personality” but critiqued the people on the internet for “backseating a streamer’s life.”

Disguised Toast specifically took up his issue on the long thread going viral among “Twitter stan” circles.

The internet personality stated he was displeased to see toxic stans drag fellow streamers into the conversation.

“Shit on me all you want, but I always draw the line at attacking my friends.”

A new clip from Disguised Toast’s recent stream showed him explaining why he doesn’t largely engage on Twitter anymore.

This was his response:

“I hate responding to overly-invested fans, who are “stans” – in general, I don’t like direct engaging because while there is an audience who I guess try to make it known that what I said, they feel comfortable with. There’s also a subset of audiences like, ‘Disguised Toast interacted, he talks to us, we can get him to interact with us.’”

Disguised Toast even conveyed his views about users on the chat board, constantly bombarding him with messages after he responded to a particular comment.

“That happens all the time. It’s like when I started reading chat. When I started pointing out specific things in chat, ‘They are weird,” ‘he’s just a drama queen’ and then whenever I read, now I’m reading chat – you know what happens, everyone starts tagging me, ‘read my message.’”

In another clipped video from Disguised Toasts’ broadcast, the streamer teared up, addressing the strong criticism his friends had to face for defending him. Wang got utterly emotional in the video as hundreds of fans on his chat board showed their loving support for his “sarcastic, blunt” approach and shared their love for dark humor.

“A lot of them are receiving a lot of flak, Like, Leslie, Hafu. And that’s the one thing I can’t take. I can take a lot; I can be called a lot of things. But I can’t stand seeing it happen to my friends. And it’s happening, because of me; because they wanna defend me.”

In an earlier response to the thread, Toast had rebuked baseless claims like him advocating rape, use of the R Slur, or engaging in pedophilia jokes. Other allegations included the streamer’s comments promoting racism, sexism, Islamophobia, transphobia, and many such negative attributes.

As seen in the above tweets in his video, responses from fans and fellow streamers so far have been widely positive in favor of Disguised Toast.

Published 03 May 2021
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