"Was spat on for being the quiet Asian kid": Disguised Toast addresses his problematic past and allegations of pedophilia and racism

Disguised Toast has come out with a lengthy post addressing the recent allegations against him
Disguised Toast has come out with a lengthy post addressing the recent allegations against him
Rishabh B.
Modified 02 May 2021

Earlier today, Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang posted a twitlonger post addressing allegations of pedophilia and racism that have been levied against him over the years.

A Disguised Toast fan with the Twitter handle @serenitysphere had posted a long thread explaining the allegations against the streamer. The thread mentioned several incidents over the years and claimed that the streamer needs a bit of education on some matters.

The Twitter thread claimed that Disguised Toast often makes inappropriate jokes that encroach on specific communities. The streamer also claimed to have received an email listing out all the allegations levied against him.

Disguised Toast posted a lengthy response to the allegations and acknowledged the respectful way in which his fan(s) approached the situation.

Disguised Toast addresses his past and responds to allegations of racism and pedophilia

The Twitter thread posted by the fan can be read below. Disguised Toast later claimed that he had also received an email that listed out all the problematic things he has said or done in the past.

The Twitter thread referred to multiple incidents and claimed that his inappropriate jokes are often demonized and exaggerated.

The thread also claimed that some of his comments perpetuate stereotypes that can lead to or promote racist, sexist, Islamophobic, transphobic, homophobic, ableist, and other actions.

As a case in point, the Twitter thread talked about two specific incidents that could be considered racist and sexist. Disguised Toast tried to explain some of his allegedly inappropriate jokes and referenced the character of Michael Scott from NBC’s hit television series “The Office.”

Disguised Toast explained that, unlike the character, he only pretends to be “obviously uneducated” when he cracks jokes. The Twitter thread also claimed that Disguised Toast only requires a bit of education on the matter and is not inherently a bad person.

The streamer has since responded to the allegations. Disguised Toast explained that he takes responsibility for everything that he has said but does not want his friends to be attacked because of him.

The streamer also acknowledged the respectful way in which the fan’s Twitter thread had explained the entire situation.

This was his response:

“I have always toed the line of "edgy" humor when it comes to my online presence. Over the last 5 years, I've developed a more sarcastic, blunt, and satirical personality. There's nothing about what I've done publicly that I have tried to hide, or delete, or claim ignorance to. I take full responsibility of all I've said and all my actions. I can proudly say that I'm someone who is really open about my life in a space where many hide, not because they are bad people, but because people on the internet love judging and backseating a streamer's life. Someone emailed me a list of problematic things I've done in their eyes and that's making the rounds in the "twitter stan" circles, and normally I would say: "just don't watch my content" - not in a dismissive manner, but simply as, this is just my humor. But it has been brought to my attention that there are literally people crying about it, and even dragging the people I care about (namely my friends in OTV and Amigops) into it by pressuring them and condemning them for interacting with me. Shit on me all you want, but I always draw the line at attacking my friends.”

As can be seen in the post, Disguised Toast went on to talk about multiple incidents from over the years.

Around two years ago, he had read out a racist joke from a website as part of an Offline TV video. The streamer explained that just because he read out a joke from a website does not automatically make him a racist and referenced his own problematic experiences due to racism.

Secondly, he explained the allegations of pedophilia that stemmed from a game of Pictionary when he had been given the prompt “illegal.” Disguised Toast had drawn a stick figure of a young girl to suggest that pedophilia is “illegal.” However, the online community had responded by claiming that the streamer is a paedophile.”

Thirdly, Disguised Toast addressed allegations of him being a “rape advocate.” The streamer had made a satirical comment along the lines of: “If a girl says no, just keep asking till she gives in.”

According to the streamer, the comment was exaggerated on social media. He explained that he was not making jokes about sexual assault or rape. The streamer again referenced some of his friends’ past experiences and said that he takes such matters seriously and cannot be termed as a rape advocate.

Lastly, Disguised Toast straight up refuted claims that he had ever used the “r-word” during live streams. He said there was no proof of him having used the term and claimed there is no basis to these specific allegations.

He also talked about the cancel culture and said the following about toxic stans:

“And final note, someone said I was specifically attacking some Twitter user when I talked about cancel culture on stream recently and to this I can only say: I have no idea who they are. I usually talk in generalizations of what I see or what people tell me. My friend showed me the profile and I had no idea what was going on, but this person was claiming I was specifically attacking them and that I called them a child. This goes back to what I have always said about parasocial relationships. The stans will try their best to insert themselves into a streamer's life to an unhealthy point, that this person thinks that I, Disguised Toast, was talking about THEM, this special individual. When I talk about children stans trying to cancel people, I'm referring to the toxic ones who tell anyone who disagree with them to kill themselves and are only interested in getting an apology as some kind of victory. If you're not a child throwing a tantrum on twitter, if you're respectfully voicing your opinions like the thread author here - I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT YOU WHEN I TALK ABOUT TOXIC STANS. Take one look at my mentions and you can find the people that I AM talking about.”

As can be seen, the twitlonger post was well-detailed and talked about a range of allegations. Disguised Toast concluded by claiming that he will try to be a little less edgy in the future. The streamer also acknowledged that he likes edgy humor and referenced Mike Scott and the character Joey from the TV series “Friends.”

Finally, Disguised Toast also told his critics to leave his friends alone with regard to allegations aimed at him.

As can be seen in the tweets, Disguised Toast received widespread support from fans and fellow streamers, and content creators.

Published 02 May 2021
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