"Not a role model for Asians:" Disguised Toast explains why he doesn't talk about racism towards Asian communities

Disguised Toast revealed that he hasn't been able to fulfill his responsibility as an "Asian" representative
Disguised Toast revealed that he hasn't been able to fulfill his responsibility as an "Asian" representative

During a recent live stream, Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang spoke about racism towards minorities and explained why he isn’t necessarily a “role model” for Asians.

Disguised Toast received a $5 donation from one of his Asian viewers along with a message. The viewer claimed that Disguised Toast helped him be “more confident” as an Asian.

In response, the streamer explained that he had not been subject to a lot of racism as an Asian and compared his situation with other minorities. Disguised Toast suggested that he has not been a role model for Asians and has failed in his responsibilities by not talking about anti-Asian sentiments often enough.


Disguised Toast claims he has failed in his responsibilities as an Asian content creator

Upon receiving the message of support from the Asian viewer, Disguised Toast talked about his own personal experiences. He said that as an Asian content creator, it is easier for him to talk about racism and other related topics.

Here's how he put it:

“Being Asian is interesting. I have always found the commentary on race to be very interesting... very fascinating because it is such a touchy subject but it affects so much. It’s great that I am Asian, which makes me a minority, which makes it okay for me to talk about race. Cause when a white guy starts talking about race everyone is like “ohh, no no no what are you gonna say?” There are a lot of things you can say and a lot of things you can’t say.”

Disguised Toast was born in Tapei, Taiwan, and moved to Ontario, Canada, with his family as a child. He explained that his own experiences have not been problematic and compared Asians with other minorities.

“But as an Asian Guy, it’s like I can talk about it more openly. I mean like when cops question me, they usually find me unthreatening and aren’t aggressive with me so you know, that’s nice. You know other races have it much worse so I don’t feel like complaining or spreading awareness about anti-Asian crimes. I don’t know. I don’t know.”

The streamer also explained that Twitch is generally accepting towards Asians. However, the same cannot be said about other minorities.


He added by saying this:

“I think its very different on Twitch because there are quite a lot of Asian content creators. Like, you wouldn’t bat an eye if a content creator who is like Asian appeared on stream. But I feel like not even three years ago, when a black person appeared on stream, people would spam “try-hard” which is an emote that has a black person on it. Right, because it’s so rare that people will spam that emote. But when an Asian person gets on it’s like, meh!”

The streamer then spoke about how he might not have fulfilled his responsibilities as an Asian content creator.

“I feel like I don’t know if I am suited to be a role model for Asians but I feel like I also have a responsibility and I didn’t do my responsibility well as an Asian representative by not talking about Asian hate. I don’t know. It’s very confusing and I don’t think its something that is easy to solve.”

Of course, Disguised Toast’s chat appeared supportive of the streamer and did not seem to share the opinion that he has not fulfilled his “responsibility.” The streamer can't really stop other people from looking at him as a “role model” even if he does not feel like one himself.

As can be seen above, he has recently been temporarily banned on Twitch. Apart from Twitch and YouTube, Disguised Toast regularly streams on Facebook.