“I didn’t do it on purpose”: David Dobrik on Jeff Wittek’s life-threatening accident

David Dobrik in Jeff Wittek video/Image via Youtube
David Dobrik in Jeff Wittek video/Image via Youtube

The story behind the risky stunt pulled off by David Dobrik, which involved Jeff Wittek in a life-threatening accident has more details coming to light.

It looks like the 24-year-old Dispo Founder has accepted his responsibility in causing the accident and may have found a way to find Jeff’s forgiveness.

Jeff Wittek reveals what his eye surgery could mean for his face

In a new video from Wittek’s documentary series, the Youtuber speaks to David Dobrik regarding the moment that scarred his face and almost made him lose his eye.

YouTuber Todd, Natalie and the rest of David’s team of assistants were also alongside Jeff Wittek to help him get through his eye surgery which would repair his displaced eye socket.

“Hey you better pray,” says Jeff in the new video with a smirk before walking into the surgical center. “Yeah, I’m gonna sign in right now, for my eye” replies David.

Incidents related to Jeff Wittek’s severe eye injury were revealed earlier this April in episode 2 of the documentary. The Vlog Squad were part of a dangerous stunt which had Jeff Wittek on an excavator in a lake and David driving it.

The funny prank styled video soon escalated after David Dorbik launched Jeff against the machine. The incident led to Wittek suffering from a fractured skull, torn ligaments in his legs, a broken hip and more.

David Dobrik has been away from the social media space ever since the start of the Vlog Squad sexual misconduct allegations surfaced. However, the YouTuber made cameo-type appearances in Jeff’s documentary to share his side of the story on the incident.


In episode 4 released earlier this Friday (April 30) – Wittek and David Dobrik spoke face-to-face and confronted the events that happened.

“Obviously I’ve never been in a situation like this, neither has Jeff, neither have probably any of us,” he said. “I didn’t know the correct way to go about any of it. Especially Jeff’s such a tough guy, so you don’t know if you have to be there to f**king baby him or if that pisses him off.”

Jeff Wittek asks David Dobrik to risk his life for a stunt in new documentary

David gets candid in the video and reveals he “didn’t know how to navigate that properly” and reach out Wittek. The Youtuber acknowledges that it is an “awkward” moment for both of them and was unsure how to resolve it.

Wittek also opens up and reveals that there were moments when he felt David Dobrik purposefully put his life in danger.

“I want to be clear, obviously I didn’t do it on purpose. The last thing I wanted was to f**king launch somebody in the water. It was a stupid f**king, It was an accident and its one of the worst kinds of accidents.”

On the bright side, Wittek says to David Dobrik that he wants to forgive the Youtuber and it’s a “lot easier” when he is around.

Surprisingly, Wittek also had a solution to the misery David caused him and asked him to put his life on the line by skydiving.

The two were later shown jumping out of the plane and resolving their issue.

“I don’t want a f**king car, I don’t want money, I want you to risk your life, and you not be in control for once.”

So far, Wittek has received an overwhelming number of responses in support of his documentary series. Fans have stood by the Youtuber throughout the series of scandals.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for David Dobrik as the internet sensation continues to be faced with internet backlash for his Vlog Squad misconduct issues, even from fellow stars.

David Dobrik was also dropped by major sponsors with demonetization of his YouTube channels.

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