"This is the sh** that makes me hate TikTok": KSI does Try Not to Cringe challenge on Bryce Hall's videos

KSI having a laugh at Bryce Hall's TikToks (Image via YouTube)
KSI having a laugh at Bryce Hall's TikToks (Image via YouTube)

On Sunday, May 30th, YouTuber and boxer KSI posted a video titled, "Try Not To Cringe (Bryce Hall Edition)", where he picked apart Bryce Hall's TikTok and YouTube videos.

Olajide Olayinka William "JJ" Olatunji, better known as KSI, has garnered over 12 million YouTube subscribers and has an amateur boxing record of 1-0 where he won by way of knockout against Joe Weller. Ranked as one of the top influencers in the UK, his following in the US has also grown considerably.


The "beef" between KSI and Bryce Hall

Tensions between KSI and TikToker Bryce Hall began to rise when the latter challenged KSI to a boxing match during his press conference for an upcoming fight with YouTuber Austin McBroom.

Later, KSI and Bryce had a war of words on Twitter, with even Bryce's fans pleading for him not to fight KSI due to his inexperience. Bryce seems to have started the Twitter war by laughing at KSI for "dodging" a fight with Jake Paul.

KSI replied by telling Bryce he was "easy work".

Bryce then further instigated KSI, calling him "fat" and "scared of Jake Paul".

KSI responded by bashing Bryce's TikTok career, claiming that he "can't survive over here", implying that he wouldn't do well in boxing.

After Bryce attempted to take another shot at KSI's appearance, the latter ended the Twitter spat by telling Bryce to win his fight against Austin first.

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KSI cringes watching Bryce Hall videos

It reached the point where the two eventually began making YouTube videos referencing one another.

However, fans were more in favor of KSI after he posted a video doing the "Try Not to Cringe" challenge on Bryce Hall's videos. The video reminded fans of Bryce's embarrassing moments and attempts at being funny or relatable, which viewers seemed to find cringeworthy.

At one point, KSI had to stop the video and just laugh.

"So this is the guy who said that he's going to f*ck me up? Ha!"

KSI went on to say:

"What is this guy one? I need to know what he is on because he's being so delusional. I did not know what to expect!"

Neither KSI nor Bryce have officially discussed the possibility of a boxing match, as Bryce is still scheduled for a fight against Austin McBroom of the ACE Family, on June 12th. Fans, however, are betting on the chance that it will happen in the future.

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