“I’m so jealous”: Charlie Puth reveals listening to Jungkook's upcoming song, sparking playful jealousy among BTS fans

Charlie Puth and Jungkook in Left and Right (image via instagram/charlieputh)
Charlie Puth and Jungkook in Left and Right (image via instagram/charlieputh)

During a recent event, BTS fans expressed mock jealousy when American singer-songwriter Charlie Puth disclosed that he had already listened to Jungkook's upcoming digital single, Seven. It all began when a fan mentioned Charlie on Twitter, informing him about the BTS singer's new release and encouraging him to show support.

Surprisingly, the American singer responded to the tweet on June 29, 2023, revealing that he had already heard the song. He also praised it as being exceptionally good.

This revelation sparked a range of emotions among BTS fans, with most expressing playful jealousy at the fact that Charlie Puth had already had the opportunity to listen to the song. This generated a buzz within the fan community, further intensifying the anticipation for the new digital single.

Charlie Puth and Jungkook have previously collaborated for the hit single, Left and Right

Charlie Puth endeared himself to K-pop fans when he announced his collaboration with Jungkook for their single Left and Right, which was released on June 24, 2022. The song is a captivating pop track that features both of them in the accompanying music video.

This collaboration between the American singer and the Korean singer is not their first encounter. They previously showcased their talent and chemistry on stage during the MBCPLUS X genie music AWARDS on November 6, 2018. Together, they delivered an amazing rendition of Puth's hit song, We Don't Talk Anymore.

The audience was spellbound by the seamless combination of the former's piano skills and Jungkook's exceptional vocal abilities, resulting in a memorable and well-received performance.


Charlie's collaboration with Jungkook not only showcased their musical synergy, but also solidified his connection with K-pop fans worldwide. The positive reception to Left and Right further heightened the anticipation for future collaborations and cemented the American singer's place in the hearts of K-pop enthusiasts.

The news of Charlie Puth hearing the Still With You singer's single before fans sparked a range of reactions. Some felt a tinge of jealousy, while others were filled with excitement and happiness. The anticipation for the release grew as fans wondered what made the song so special that it caught Charlie's attention.

About Left and Right

In the Left and Right video, Charlie portrays a character seeking help from a therapist to overcome lingering memories, with Jungkook personifying those memories. The combination of the song's smooth melody and visuals, and the chemistry between the two artists made it an instant global hit.

Following their collaboration, Charlie Puth participated in several interviews where he expressed his admiration for Jungkook's exceptional vocal abilities. He also expressed his interest in working with the other members of BTS, acknowledging them as an inspirational group of talented individuals.


As fans eagerly await the official release of Seven, the positive comments from Puth have added to the anticipation and raised expectations for what the BTS maknae has in store for his fans.

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Edited by Upasya Bhowal