Nessa Barrett fans support her with #herefornessa as TikToker addresses mental health issues

Nessa Barrett (Image via Instagram)
Nessa Barrett (Image via Instagram)

TikToker Nessa Barrett has received an enormous wave of support from fans after her recent post for Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) Awareness month. The 18-year-old musician shared a heartwarming message to her followers to “keep fighting” with her through their mental health issues.

The TikTok star turned musician got candid in her new Instagram post stating it has been a difficult time for her:

“I’m just fighting to stay alive at this point. You're not alone. I promise.”

Nessa Barrett also shared the contact number to the mental health helpline and national suicide prevention lifeline asking anyone in need of help or “someone to talk” to reach out.

Fans flooded the TikToker’s social media timeline with #herefornessa, which is currently trending on Twitter.

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Many shared TikTok clips from her account showing their support, saying things like, “we will have your back through it all.” Readers can find some of the reactions below:

Earlier in 2020, Nessa spoke openly about her battle with being bipolar and even revealed she’d undergone therapy for anxiety since the age of six. The budding music star also admitted that her mental health took a toll from the constant online harassment. Nessa said at the time:

“When I was about 14, I was misdiagnosed with depression. And then I recently have been diagnosed with bipolar."

Nessa Barrett's drama with Mads Lewis


Nessa was recently at the center of controversy due to her 4-way dramageddon with fellow creators Mads Lewis, Josh Richards, and Jaden Hossler.

The 18-year-old “La Di Die” singer was in a relationship with TikTok star Josh Richards. However, a few reports claimed that Nessa Barrett and Hossler were allegedly “hooking up.”

Though Josh Richards (Nessa’s ex-boyfriend and Hossler's best friend) denied the rumors, he was soon forced to face reality when Nessa and Jaden were caught by paparazzi on a dinner date.

Since then, Nessa Barrett has faced a barrage of criticism from fans. And the backlash intensified after Mads Lewis's emotional response to her break-up with Jaden Hossler.

At the end of April, Nessa decided to take a break from social media, stating that her account would be handled by her team until she returned.

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