“I’m literally getting harassed”: FREEKAI hashtag trends as YouTuber Kai Cenat gets banned from Twitch for alleged “hateful slurs”

YouTuber Kai Cenat during a Twitch stream (Image via ImKaiCenat, Twitch)
YouTuber Kai Cenat during a Twitch stream (Image via ImKaiCenat, Twitch)
R A Karthik Prasad

The hashtag FREEKAI is currently trending between YouTuber Kai Cenat & his fans. The teen star faces a Twitch ban, the third time within two weeks, and his fandom isn’t ready to bow down again.

The 19-year-old is a growing sensation known for his comedic sketches based on memes. But lately, the internet has known the creator by his trending hashtag “FREEKAI” on Twitter, a social media movement that fans have repeatedly been a part of in the past few weeks.

At the start of April, Kai Cenat was hit with his first ban on Twitch for the month, with the reason stated as “hateful slurs or symbols.” Although it seemed like the suspension was permanent, the YouTuber was able to revoke his strike thanks to loyal fans and appreciated their support.

But, shockingly, that wouldn’t be his last ban on the platform for the month.

Twitch bans YouTuber Kai Cenat for the third times in two weeks

In a recent tweet, the star claims to have been harassed by Twitch after his most recent ban, his third one, for the same reasons. It’s unclear if the creator did, in fact, engage in any hateful slurs or symbols that led to his ban.

According to Kai's tweets, the streamer has been hit with three bans this month alone. But, fortunately, fans are still standing by their movement to FREEKAI.

For those unaware, Kai Cenat is an upcoming creator and produces content for his two YouTube channels. Although the social media icon has been able to keep his YouTube creator profiles away from a ban, that can’t be said for his Twitch profile.

Kai Cenat claims harassment by Twitch after facing another ban

In the past, Kai’s fans have shared concerns over Twitch abruptly banning him during his stream. Similarly, many argue that the video streaming platform is harassing the creator.

There’s still no word yet on whether Kai Cenat has got his current ban revoked, but that hasn’t stopped his fandom from questioning Twitch on Twitter.

Some fans even went as far as to question whether Twitch was targeting Kai Cenat for being a black streamer.

The teen’s Instagram stories suggest that the creator is working on getting his account unbanned. In the meantime, FREEKAI continues to trend on Twitter.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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