In The Soop S2 has a mansion built for BTS: Here's the release date and time

BTS official In the SOOP poster (Image via Twitter/@INTHESOOP_TV)
BTS official In the SOOP poster (Image via Twitter/@INTHESOOP_TV)

BTS' In the SOOP is coming back bigger and better. Big Hit Music released a first look teaser for In the SOOP season 2 on September 22 KST, and it has left everyone stunned.

The first look at the upcoming season offers not just BTS members, but also the comforting place the members will be staying in. Two villas, a swimming pool, a sports area - everything is built from scratch exclusively for BTS.

BTS have villas customized to their needs exclusively for In The SOOP S2

In the SOOP season 2 dropped its first look, and it seems like Big Hit Music made sure it was worth the fans' wait. Season 1 premiered in August 2020, and after a whole year, the group is back to the soop (meaning 'forest' in Korean) for some healing time.

The teaser starts with an esthetic aerial view of a place surrounded by nature, and the caption reads:

"Somewhere in South Korea, a secret space like something out of a movie. Deep in the middle of the forest, a space constructed exclusively for BTS."

It then reveals the construction behind the now-ready mansion waiting to be occupied by BTS. The teaser also shows a time-lapse of the villas' construction, and reveals in the caption:

"One year of preparations, from architecture design to construction completion!"

As montages of the interior of the house fill the screens, BTS members' voice overs take over as they share their amusement over the place.

Each member had their own way of expressing their emotions. The youngest, Jungkook, said he felt like they were filming a movie. While Jimin remarked over how spacious and "unbelievably nice" the place is.

J-Hope exclaimed, "Like a mansion?", and Jin said, "Isn't this basically a castle?" SUGA explained how beautiful the place was by saying, "This isn't a view you can easily see in Korea."

The teaser ends with the perfect phrase - V saying that "It felt like a secret place that I wanted only us to know about."

Check out the teaser for BTS In The SOOP S2 below:


ARMYs also can't wrap their minds around the fact that HYBE and Big Hit Music basically constructed a mansion for the seven members.

I can’t believe they created a whole new mansion just for bts in the soop? Omg kings 🔥#In_the_SOOP

A whole grand-scale production exclusively for their own variety show proves how much HYBE is ready to write BTS into the history books.

In the SOOP is an exclusive variety show of BTS where the members go on a vacation to hang out in nature and do leisurely activities. Season 1 saw Jin and SUGA fishing, RM, Jungkook and J-Hope painting along with other members, Jimin and V playing around, cooking together and a lot more. Fans can expect similar things in the upcoming season too.

The second season of BTS In the SOOP will premiere on October 15, 2021. The episode will first air on JTBC at 9:00 PM KST and then drop on Weverse at 10 PM KST, every Friday.

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