What would BTS do if ARMY cried? 5 times the K-pop band soothed their fans

How does BTS react to a crying fan? (Image via Big Hit Music)
How does BTS react to a crying fan? (Image via Big Hit Music)

Crying fans are not an uncommon sight within the BTS fanbase, or in any fanbase for that matter. Seeing one's favorite singer in the flesh can be an overwhelming moment for many, and it's easy to be overtaken by those emotions.

Dealing with crying fans takes special care, and BTS has demonstrated on multiple different occasions the compassion that they have within them in order to control the situation smoothly.

5 times BTS dealt with crying ARMY fans

5) When BTS V imitated a fan to make them laugh

During a Puma fan meet that BTS held, the members came across a fan that was overtaken by their emotions. The ARMY member tried their best to control their tears but to no avail. BTS V took it upon himself to lend a hand.

In a wholesome attempt to help them, V began to imitate the way they were crying in order to get them to laugh.

BTS RM also mentioned that "no tears were coming out," trying to make them laugh. The two members lifted the atmosphere and brought out giggles from the ARMYs waiting at their seats.

4) BTS Jungkook holds a fan's hand

Fans are convinced that there's something in the air at BTS' Puma fan meets, owing to the number of emotional fans that popped up. Jungkook smoothly dealt with the scene in his own "international playboy" style, a phrase many ARMYs might recognize.

Holding the fan's hand, Jungkook tried his best to cheer up the ARMY and calm her emotions. The sweet and wholesome interaction was caught on tape, leading many to fall for the golden idol even further.

3) BTS V changes hairstyle for fan

V seems to be a master at dealing with these types of situations, as the BTS singer immediately thought of a solution for another crying fan.

As the fan reached his part of the table during a signing, V promptly began to gel his hair upwards to form a horn-like shape on the top of his head. The selfless act caught many fans' eyes, eliciting a heart-warming reaction to the situation.

That is, until V said the words "don't cry, baby" into the mic, causing many spikes in the viewers' heart rates.

2) BTS J-Hope attempts to make a fan laugh

BTS has taken the phrase "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" to a whole new meaning. After coming across a sobbing fan J-Hope pulled out the old V-certified trick, and imitated the fan in a playful way.

As seen in the video, the fan immediately shies away, giggling a bit after seeing J-Hope's sincere attempt at making them laugh.

1) BTS J-Hope gives away his bag

Giving away or lending his belongings isn't a problem for J-Hope. It's a trait that is well-known amongst both the BTS members and their fans, ARMY. However, this selfless act shocked many.


During one of BTS' concerts, J-Hope spotted a fan who was crying near the front of the stage.

After his eagle-eyes centered down on them, he stepped down from the platform, approached the fan, and handed them the very bag that he was carrying during the concert.

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