“It hurts more now”: Fans emotional as BTS’ V expresses disappointment over having to leave for military without celebrating his birthday

BTS' V, Park Seo-joon, Na PD (Images Via BIGHIT MUSIC and @channel fullmoon/YouTube)

BTS’ V is all over social media for his recent birthday surprise by Na Pd and actor Park Seo-joon. Amid the celebration, the singer expressed his disappointment over leaving for his military service without celebrating his birthday.

On December 8, channel fullmoon dropped the video of producer Na Yeong-seok and Concrete Utopia star Park Seo-joon surprising BTS’ V for his birthday in advance. As the Winter Bear singer regretted having to enlist in the military before his birthday, many fans on the internet expressed their feelings.

Many emotional fans were sad to see the singer talk about his upcoming birthday, they said, “It hurts more now.”

“He loves to spend birthday with loved ones”: Fans reacted to BTS’ V celebrating his birthday with Park Seo-joon and Na Pd

Park Seo-joon is known for his close friendship with the Layover singer, the two stars filmed two seasons of Seojin’s Kitchen together. The show is directed by renowned producer Na Yeong-seok. While filming, the director wished to surprise BTS’ V for his birthday in advance.

According to Star News, the singer will reportedly enlist for his military service on December 11. Following the video, it seems that the singer will begin his service before his birthday, which takes place on December 30. He expressed his regrets about not being able to celebrate his birthday.

It has led many fans to shed tears as they got emotional on social media. Here's how the fans reacted to the Slow Dancing singer's birthday surprise.

Producer Na Yeong-seok, popularly known by his stage name Na PD, is well-known for his variety shows. He meticulously coordinated Park Seo-joon and prepared to surprise the Rainy Days singer. According to their text messages seen in the video, this wholesome moment took place on December 1.

Together, they prepared glass noodles or Japchae, heart-shaped fried snacks, and a strawberry cake, which were among BTS' V's favorite dishes. Fans were moved by this beautiful gesture, and they rejoiced in this special moment on the X.

BTS’ military service

Following the latest statement released by BIGHIT MUSIC, it has been confirmed that BTS' V and RM will follow their separate procedures to enlist in the military service.

However, Jimin and Jungkook will enlist together through the buddy system, which allows two friends to serve and receive training side by side.

The agency has requested fans not visit the enlistment site, as only family members, close acquaintances, and military personnel are allowed.

Furthermore, the agency has asked fans to send their continued love and support through their hearts, as no special event will be held on the day of enlistment.