Janora McDuffie speaks on being an actress and voice over artist

Janora McDuffie (Image via Morehead-Cain)
Janora McDuffie (Image via Morehead-Cain)

Sportskeeda had the privilege of sitting down and getting insights from Janora McDuffie about her illustrious career as an actress and voice over artist. McDuffie has starred in such films and television shows as Grey’s Anatomy, To Save A Life, and Criminal Minds.


McDuffie was able to share her poignant career with us and give us some awareness about her career.

Here is what the talented actress and vocal artist Janora McDuffie had to say about her career.

Janora McDuffie, her kind words and career

Her acting and voiceover work throughout the industry

Janora McDuffie in Quiet as Kept (Image via Filmfreeway)
Janora McDuffie in Quiet as Kept (Image via Filmfreeway)

Over the course of the interview, McDuffie discussed and reflected on her history as an actress and why she always wanted to get into the business with an ardent passion. She said:

I've wanted to be an actress ever since my first play in the 2nd grade. It's something about connecting to the audience and taking them on a journey through your elaborate game of playing pretend. However, it wasn't until I moved to LA that I realized there was this whole voiceover world that offered the same opportunity to play.

McDuffie was so admirable and gracious that she was able to comment on her work on the television shows 24, Criminal Minds, and Grey's Anatomy. She took to Hollywood like a fish to water after finishing college, as she revealed:

What a dream come true to work alongside actors that I've watched on tv for years. I was, however, able to put away my "fan girl" hat for my time on set as I played alongside Ellen Pompeo, Jane Lynch (who was in my Criminal Minds episode), and Kiefer Sutherland. They were all awesome folks and an honor to work with.

She added:

As a voiceover artist, I am living out my dream as the Announcer for the Oscars. I am so excited and grateful. A leading role in a feature film would be fun as an actress!

She was gracious enough to share her reaction on being the second African-American announcer at the 94th Academy Awards:

When I first got the news, there were definitely tears of joy. It was a mixture of emotions from, "Oh my gosh, am I dreaming," and joy! My 22 years on this journey are paying off with such a huge win mixed with humility to know that I am carrying the torch and breaking down barriers for my community.
Janora McDuffie (Image via SHOUTOUT LA)
Janora McDuffie (Image via SHOUTOUT LA)

Diving into her history of facing tough challenges, the actress has shown to have resilience in adapting to changes that have been caused by the onslaught of COVID-19. She commented:

I think this pandemic has actually helped. I believe the quality of your artistry directly correlates to how well you know yourself. If anything, this pandemic has forced me to spend more time alone. Logistically, I now audition from home, which is much nicer than facing LA traffic and rising gas prices.

When it comes to what the actress does from her day-to-day schedule, she was very insightful. Of course, no actress' day is ever the same. She claimed:

Every day is different. Some days I'm auditioning for on-camera and voiceover roles in my home studio set-ups; other days, I'm running errands to the post office and grocery store. Then other days, I'm in a sound studio in LA working in a loop group for an upcoming feature film.
Janora McDuffie (Image via SHOUTOUT LA)
Janora McDuffie (Image via SHOUTOUT LA)

She spoke eloquently about what she has been passionate about and what she would be more than willing to avoid in the industry:

I love choosing to follow a path that I'm most passionate about. I wish I could avoid the naysayers and parts along this journey full of doubt and disappointments, but I know that those are the parts that make me stronger and make for the best story.

She even gave some sound advice to people hoping to break out into the entertainment industry:

As my father would say, "You gotta stay ready to keep from getting ready." In other words, you can never time the opportunities that come your way, but you sure can be ready for them. So continue to work on and sharpen your craft, stay positive and professional and surround yourself with people who build you up. And at the end of the day, never give up.

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