"I've been dropped by everybody": Jeff Wittek and Scotty Sire reveal they both lost their sponsors post the David Dobrik scandal 

Image via Twitter/Imnotscottysire
Image via Twitter/Imnotscottysire

Jeff Wittek sat down with former co-host Scotty Sire on his podcast JEFF FM on June 10th. The reunion quickly turned to Scott asking about the ad reads almost three minutes in. With David Dobrik losing SeatGeek as a sponsor, it would be fitting that other members of the now notorious "Vlog Squad" lost sponsors amid the Dobrik scandal.

I've been dropped by everybody. I've been dropped by Old Spice.

Scotty Sire also mentioned that he was dropped from "quite a few brand deals". This comes months after Sire rescinded his defense of Dobrik and Nash from assault allegations. Via Twitter, Sire apologized for the video, in which he referred to David Dobrik and Jason Nash as "nice people."

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Jeff Wittek, Scotty Sire and The Vlog Squad

Jeff Wittek was added to the Vlog Squad in 2018. Previously introduced as Todd Smith's friend, another former member, Jeff quickly became popular with Dobrik's vlogs.

With Dobrik's vlogs gaining momentum, the ante was raised with dangerous stunts and tricks. This soon led to Jeff Wittek being injured in 2020 after an excavator stunt controlled by David Dobrik went wrong.

In Spring 2021, David Dobrik and longtime friend, Dominykas Zeglaitis, better known as Durte Dom, were accused by a woman featured on the former's YouTube channel. Soon after, former member Seth Francois accused Dobrik's co-host for Views, Jason Nash.

Members then began to drop out of the Vlog Squad. Carly Incontro and Erin Gilfoy left in the midst of the incident while Jeff Wittek and Scotty Sire attempted to right the allegations. Both failed, courtesy of the former "Frenemies" podcast and Scotty Sire's now deleted defense video.

On the JEFF FM podcast, Jeff says they caught the "sh*t end of the stick." Scotty Sire went on to explain that he "gave himself" the same stick.

Sometimes you f*ck up and you do it in front of millions of people and you have to learn while they send you death threats.

The tone quickly shifted with Jeff Wittek "dissing" Old Spice for dropping him and "stealing" his intellectual property with Jeff's Barbershop. The rest of the segment reminisces on Wittek's accident and Sire getting to Jeff Wittek to save him.

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The Responses

Since the podcast aired on YouTube, it has accrued 56 thousand views, but more responses have come from the tweet shared above.

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