“Jimmy and Jimin reunion”: Fans erupt as the Promise singer is set to make his late night solo debut on The Tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon

Featuring BTS
Featuring BTS' Jimin (Image via J.m Instagram)

On March 17, 2023, The Tonight show officially announced that the BTS’ Jimin will be making a solo appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s show. He will be appearing on The Tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon on March 23 and 24 to promote his solo album, FACE.

American comedian and singer Jimmy Fallon hosts The Tonight Show, where he invites famous and well-known personalities to discuss their upcoming projects and gives insightful details about them in a fun and informative manner.

BTS members had earlier appeared as a group on the Jimmy Fallon’s show, but this will be the first time the Promise singer will be appearing on the show alone. On hearing the announcement, fans went wild over Twitter, as they hope to see Jimin and Jimmy Fallon’s reunion again. This is largely due to how the two share a cordial bond given the similarity in their names.

BTS’ Jimin’s upcoming solo appearance on The Tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon sends fans into a frenzy

It has been confirmed by the Tonight show that BTS' Jimin will have an interview with host Jimmy Fallon on March 23, after which he will deliver a performance the next day.

In earlier interviews, the Promise singer was seen giggling and hugging Jimmy with much enthusiasm. Similarly, the late-night show host was seen reciprocating the same sentiments.

Moreover, ARMYs believe that Jimmy Fallon has always shown respect and love to BTS, especially Jimin, so they are assured that the Promise singer will be given much importance. They are also proud that the idol has been practicing English and that his hard work will pay off when he converses with the American host in the same.

In the past, BTS has given many interviews and performed to various hit tracks on The Tonight Show, including Idol, Butter, Black Swan, Home, Mikrokosmos, Permission to Dance, and others. As such, the Korean boy band has a sweet relationship with Jimmy Fallon, who always interacts and welcomes the members with smiles and enthusiasm.

In other news, Jimin has unveiled his latest single Set Me Free Pt.2 on March 17, where fans expressed that they love the choreography, visuals, and the story behind the music video. The song also occupies the No.1 position on the iTunes chart in overall 30 countries within an hour of its release.

The Promise singer is also confirmed to appear on KBS’ Beat Coin, KBS’ Music Bank and SBS’ Inkigayo for the promotions of his upcoming solo album FACE.

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