"JUNGKOOK IS BALD FOR REAL": Fans go gaga as the GOLDEN singer debuts a shaved head during Weverse live session ahead of his enlistment

Jungkook debuts bald head (Images via Twitter/btspicstwt_ and JeonEsHi97)
Jungkook debuts bald head (Images via Twitter/btspicstwt_ and JeonEsHi97)

On December 5, 2023, the Weverse live session unfolded as a significant and emotional moment for BTS and their fanbase. This marked the final live from the quartet, RM, V, Jimin, and Jungkook, before their imminent military enlistment on December 11 and December 12. The anticipation was heightened, as fans hadn't witnessed all members together in quite some time, making this particular live broadcast especially heart-warming.

A notable aspect of the live was the transformation in the members' appearances, with three of them, excluding Jimin, sporting shorter-than-usual hairstyles. Jungkook, in particular, added an element of intrigue by concealing his nearly bald cut beneath a black cloth and hoodie. During the live, he confessed to cutting his hair in a military style, adhering to the enlistment requirements.

Taehyung shared that he had seen Jungkook's new hair on a video call, emphasizing its evident short length. As the session concluded, the Seven singer playfully revealed a brief glimpse of his shaved head, eliciting joyful reactions from fans, with one fan exclaiming how "JUNGKOOK IS BALD FOR REAL."

The live became a farewell, offering fans a unique and memorable insight into the members' preparations and creating an emotional connection as they approach their military service.

"I was not prepared": BTS' maknae Jungkook debuts bald head before enlistment

BTS members RM, V, Jungkook, and Jimin are gearing up for their collective mandatory military service enlistment scheduled for the second week of December. The surprise reunion of all these members for a recent Weverse live session became a cherished moment for fans who hadn't seen them together for a while. The live discussion covered various topics, but what added sweetness to the event was the revelation of their shorter hair looks.

RM's hairstyle, maintained for some time, had fans familiar with his trim, although he clarified it wasn't related to his impending military commitment. Meanwhile, V, having teased fans with a misleading Instagram story showing cut hair, admitted during one of his solo Weverse lives, a couple of days ago, that it was a playful trick. However, in this live, he did showcase a shorter haircut, explaining it was a simple trim due to his upcoming schedules before enlistment.

The biggest surprise came from Jungkook, the maknae, who stunned fans with an almost bald haircut. Despite keeping it covered initially, he eventually revealed his shaved head in a playful and amusing moment at the end of the live, when he hilariously ran across the room in front of the screen.

Fans had mixed reactions to the idol, ranging from joy over his adorable look to the realization that their beloved members would soon be on hiatus.

Notably, Jimin remained the odd man out as he chose not to reveal his haircut. The final Weverse live before enlistment marked an emotional and amusing journey for fans, culminating in the acknowledgment that they would temporarily bid farewell to their beloved idols.

More about the members' military specifications

According to the statement released by BigHit, members Jimin and Jungkook will reportedly enlist through the "buddy system" of Korean military, where two companions can choose to stay together for the entire duration of service.

Member V will take a special step by enlisting in the Special Task Force of the Counter-Terrorism unit, which is deemed as one of the toughest training procedure. Meanwhile, member RM's specific department whereabouts haven't been disclosed.

Along with this, Jin is all set to return after a period of six months from now, while members J-hope and Suga still have an adequate amount of time left to complete their duties.

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