"Sobbing my eyes out": Fans emotional as BTS’ Jin pens a heart-warming message for ARMYs on his birthday

BTS' Jin sends across his gratitude to ARMYs (Images via Twitter/_BTSMoments_ and chartdata)

The eldest member of BTS, Jin celebrated his 31st birthday on December 4, 2023, which also marked a year since he began his military service. With only six months left till he makes his complete return to his fans, they are highly excited to see him. Jin has continued his tradition of monthly video messages during enlistment and in December 2023, he delivered a special birthday message. The message warmed the fans' hearts and filled them with warmth and emotions.

Jin took to Weverse to personally pen a heartfelt message and expressed gratitude towards his fans. The message resonated with the fans who claimed that they had tears of joy in their eyes. With Jin currently navigating his military service, the messages serve as a way for him to communicate with his fans. It is a way for them to bridge the physical distance and affirm the enduring bond between BTS and their fans.

When fans saw Jin's message, they took to social media to claim that they were in tears with one claiming that they were "sobbing my eyes out" upon reading the message.

Fans await Jin’s return (image via Twitter/@potatoesareg00d)
Fans await Jin’s return (image via Twitter/@potatoesareg00d)

"Love the way he writes": BTS' Jin's Weverse message on his birthday wins the internet

It's officially been a year since BTS' eldest member, Jin, commenced his military service. He became the first BTS member to enlist on December 13, 2023, setting the stage for his fellow members to follow suit. As he celebrated his 31st birthday on December 4, 2023, he continued the tradition of connecting with ARMYs through heartfelt messages.


Throughout the past year, he maintained regular communication via Weverse whenever time allowed. On his birthday, Jin took to Weverse to express his gratitude, writing a lengthy message to thank fans for their continuous love and birthday wishes.

In the message, Jin expressed gratitude for the birthday wishes and acknowledged the absence of physical celebrations with fans due to circumstances. He mentioned his time in military service, anticipating reuniting with both the members and the ARMY in the future.

Despite the challenges, he assured everyone that, even though they were physically apart, he felt a strong connection and was spending a great time in his heart and mind with them. The note also humorously mentioned the anticipation of the other members enlisting and ended with the acknowledgment of his current status as Sergeant Kim Seokjin.

His note, in part, read:

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone wishing me for my birthday. Always on my birthday, I'd enjoy together with ARMY you all through lives but unfortunately this year since (we) can't enjoy (together), my heart hurts. Even though I can't be with you together physically, please know for sure that my heart/mind is spending a great time with you hehe”

Fans took to social media to praise the message and express their feelings about it. While some said that he made their day better, others said that they were excited for him to finish his enlistment.

In addition to the live handwritten online message, BTS' hyung treated fans to a previously recorded video titled "Message from Jin." This was the 12th installment in his annual series of pre-recorded messages for the ARMY. The video stood out as it showcased Jin in his authentic self, departing from the video series' usual life teachings and positive messages.

The fans resonated deeply with this genuine portrayal. The video also featured Jin cutting his birthday cake, adding to the celebratory atmosphere that fans joyfully embraced.

With just six months remaining until his return, ARMYs are eagerly counting the days and minutes until they can welcome back their beloved Jin officially. Anticipation runs high as fans eagerly await the post-military era, curious to discover what new experiences and contributions Jin will bring to the BTS journey.

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