K-drama Café Minamdang maintains top position with consistent ratings

Seo In-guk in K-drama Café Minamdang (Image via Netflix/Twitter)
Seo In-guk in K-drama Café Minamdang (Image via Netflix/Twitter)

K-drama Café Minamdang has maintained its high rankings since its release. On July 4, KBS2's show Café Minamdang got an average rating of 5.6 percent nationwide for episode 3, according to Nielsen Korea.

The ratings are the same as those received in the show's first two episodes.

Café Minamdang was released on June 27, 2022, and it's currently airing on Netflix. The show is based on a web novel called Minamdang: Case Note by writer Jung Jae-ha, who has previously also won the grand prize in KakaoPage's web novel contest.

K-drama Café Minamdang is putting up a fierce competition with other dramas


Café Minamdang has been competing with other dramas for ratings since its release and doing incredible. On June 27, Café Minamdang's premier had an average rating of 5.7 percent nationwide, according to Nielsen Korea. With the ratings, the new K-drama achieved a great start.

On June 28, the K-drama earned an average rating of 5.6 percent nationwide for episode 2. This was a 0.1 percent lower rating compared to its first episode. The first episode had a rating of 5.7 percent.


The rom-com-mystery drama has a star-studded cast, including Seo In-guk as Nam Han-joon, a fraudulent male shaman who has also been a profiler in the past. Oh Yeon-seo stars as Han Jae-hee, a detective in the violent crime unit who values justice.


Kwak Si-yang portrays Gong Soo-chul, a barista in Minamdang, and Baek Seo-hoo portrays the dashing and adorable Jonathan, who has a bizarre personality. Kang Mina plays the character of Nam Han-joon's lively younger sister Nam Hye-joon. She is also unknowingly intelligent. Fans are also enjoying the chemistry between the characters in the show.

Before the show's release, fans saw the stills from the series, which portrayed the close bond of the Café Minamdang team. Nam Han-joon looked stylish with his excellent fashion sense. Gong Soo-chul looked adorable with a bright face. Meanwhile, Nam Hye-joon seemed innocent with a pure smile. The characters have shown confidence in their unique personalities.

Previously, the drama production team also applauded the exceptional teamwork of the cast, including Nam Han-joon, Gong Soo-chul, Jonathon, and Nam Hye-joon.

Fans expressed their reactions to the K-drama Café Minamdang

The show has also garnered many reviews from fans on social media.

Fans have praised the cast's acting skills, especially in the hilarious scenes. Fans were enthralled to see the show and are excited to watch the upcoming episodes.

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