KFC offers Pot Pie for $5 for a limited time

KFC debuts a limited-time deal with Pot Pies for $5 (Picture Alliance/Getty Images)
KFC debuts a limited-time deal with Pot Pies for $5 (Image via Picture Alliance/Getty Images)

KFC is bidding the holiday season goodbye with a joyous treat for its customers. The Kentucky-based fried chicken fast food chain has introduced a Pot Pie offer for $5 for a very limited time. A continuation of the chain's affordable meal options like the $5 Famous Bowls, the $5 Pot Pies can be enjoyed at all participating locations starting January 3, 2023.

Customers can get fresh and flaky pies at the nearest store, or through pick-up and delivery orders made through the chain's app or website. The $5 deal can be applied to avail of the chain's Chicken Pot Pie in any in-store, app, or website order.

The fast food chain took to its website to announce the big news, with Nick Chavez, Chief Marketing Officer, stating:

"We wanted to give folks the ultimate comfort food to cure their post-holiday hangovers. Our iconic and beloved chicken Pot Pie at just $5 is an open invitation to sit back and ease into the new year with a satisfying meal at an unbeatable price—just for you."

KFC's $5 Pot Pies are prepared with fried chicken, diced potatoes, peas, carrots, and more

First added to the menu in 1995, KFC pot pies have been fan favorites across the country for the last 28 years. Loaded with the goodness of vegetables and chicken, the pot pies make for a rich and hearty meal for both lunch and dinner. When paired with a drink and a side, the chain's pot pies can keep you full for a long time.

With the Pot Pies being offered at an unbeatable price of $5, there is surely no better time to enjoy the delicacy than now. Whether you want to indulge in a warm and flaky pie at your nearest KFC store or in the comfort of your home, you are guaranteed to be satisfied with the chain's savory pies.

KFC Pot Pie features a filling of bite-sized chunks of fried chicken, diced potatoes, peas, and carrots, cooked in a savory sauce. The filling is baked in a flaky pie crust to make the fan-favorite pot pies. Crunchy and flaky on the outside, juicy and gooey on the insides, the pot pies deliver top-notch flavors and warmth. Customers can enjoy the chain's pot pies for a limited time at a special price of $5.

Pot Pie loaded with chicken and veggies (Image via KFC)
Pot Pie loaded with chicken and veggies (Image via KFC)

Those who want to upgrade their pie can also make it a combo meal by paying a bit extra. The Pot Pie Combo meal comes with a pot pie, a beverage, and a side of your choice. You can order it at a suggested price of $8.39.

The fast food chain has not stated how long the special offer will be available on its Pot Pies, so customers who want to grab the deal are advised to order it at the earliest. Orders for the $5 Pot Pies can be placed at the nearest store, or through the chain's app or website for pick-up and deliveries.

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