All Dunkin’ rewards deals you can avail in January 2023

Dunkin' Donuts debuts new rewards member offers for January 2023 (Image via Noam Galai/Getty Images)

Dunkin’ Donuts starts the month of January with a bang through the wide range of offers available throughout the month. The Massachusetts-based doughnut and coffeehouse chain has debuted limited-time deals that will be exclusive to rewards program members.

From freebies to discounts, limited-time reward deals can be claimed in all participating stores across the country. Since the offers are exclusive to rewards program members, the deals can only be claimed through orders placed on the chain's app or website. Customers can also place in-store or pickup orders through the chain's app to claim the offers.

Deals and offers are claimable in participating Dunkin’ Donuts stores only. Store participation may also be affected if the store is out of specific ingredients. Customers are advised to enquire about the offers before placing an order.

All Dunkin’ Donuts rewards deals claimable in January

Dunkin’ Donuts has been serving quality donuts and coffee to customers all across the country for around 73 years. The doughnut and coffeehouse chain is known for debuting special deals from time to time to make the coffee experience affordable and rewarding for customers.

Limited-time reward member offers will be available in the app's offer section and can be applied while placing your order. Though the January offers are mostly about coffee, you can still manage to grab a few treats along with them.

Here's a list of offers that can be claimed by Dunkin’ Donuts rewards program members in January:

  • Get one free Medium Iced Coffee with any purchase of $1 or more. The offer can be claimed once every day, throughout the month.
  • Get a free Medium Cold Brew with any purchase of $1 or more. Claimable every day, throughout the month of January.
  • Buy any hot or cold drink to get a free Stuffed Biscuit Bites. The stuffed treat comes in packs of two and will be available for a limited time.
  • Get a free Bacon Avocado Tomato Sandwich on purchase of any large hot or cold beverage.
  • Get a Medium Hot or Iced Latte for as low as $2.

Boosted Status member perks

Customers who visit a Dunkin’ Donuts store more than 12 times in a single month are automatically rewarded with a Boosted Status for the respective month. The Boosted Status helps you get special deals and offers that are not available to regular rewards program members.

For January, Boosted Status members can get a medium iced coffee for $2 on all pick-up and takeout orders placed through the app.

Customers can only claim one offer with an order. If two or more offers concide, customers will get the choice to pick one offer.

Founded in 1950, Dunkin’ Donuts is an American multinational doughnut and coffeehouse chain, as well as a quick-service restaurant. Headquartered in Canton, Massachusetts, the doughnut and coffeehouse chain has its stores spread across 12,900 locations around the globe.

Specializing in doughnuts and coffee, the doughnut and coffeehouse chain serves them throughout the day. The chain also serves a wide range of other baked treats, frozen beverages, hot beverages, sandwiches, soft drinks, and much more.

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