Dunkin’s New Winter Menu explored as brand launches new items for holiday season

Dunkin' Donuts debuts new Winter menu to welcome the year 2023 (Image via Dunkin’ Donuts)

Dunkin’ Donuts is going all out for the New Year with the launch of a new winter menu. The Massachusetts-based doughnut and coffeehouse chain is adding three new limited-time items to its menu - Brown Butter Toffee Latte, Bacon Avocado Tomato Sandwich, and the Stuffed Biscuit Bites.

Available in stores starting December 28, the new items can be enjoyed all across the country. Customers can try out the new items at their nearest stores, through orders made via the chain's app, and the website for pick-up and deliveries.

Limited-time items will be available throughout January, but there is no specific date mentioned on which they will be leaving the menu. Customers who are looking forward to trying them are advised to do so immediately after they are available on the menu.

What does Dunkin’s new winter menu offer?

Warming up the winter with hot brews, Dunkin’ Donuts is adding the Brown Butter Toffee Latte to its menu for a limited time. Debuting along with Avocado Toast and stuffed biscuit bites, the three items will be available in stores across the country starting December 28.

As a New Year gift for its customers, the brand is also debuting a Dunkin’ Run deal, which will allow customers to get a classic donut for $1 with all orders of a medium or larger hot or iced coffee. The $1 deal can be claimed every day between December 28 and January 31.

For those who were wondering about what the new winter menu is offering, then here is what to expect from it:

Brown Butter Toffee Latte

The Brown Butter Toffee Latte is redifining the way people see Latte with its flavorful aroma and rich taste. Featuring a bold espresso with subtle brown butter and toffee flavor notes, the new Toffee Latte delivers a one-of-a-kind coffee experience. Customers can enjoy limited-time coffee in both cold and hot variants at all participating locations across the country.

Flavorful Brown Butter Toffee Latte (Image via Dunkin’ Donuts)
Flavorful Brown Butter Toffee Latte (Image via Dunkin’ Donuts)

Bacon Avocado Tomato Sandwich

The new Bacon Avocado Tomato Sandwich features seasoned oven-roasted tomatoes, creamy avocado spreads and crispy bacon, all sandwiched between two Dunkin’s toasted sourdough breads. Whether it's for an early breakfast or for a quick lunch, the new and hearty Avocado sandwich ensures that you can keep going for longer.

Hearty Bacon Avocado Tomato Sandwich (Image via Dunkin’ Donuts)
Hearty Bacon Avocado Tomato Sandwich (Image via Dunkin’ Donuts)

Stuffed Biscuit Bites

If a sandwich seems like a lot to you, then try the new Stuffed Biscuit Bites for a light yet hearty breakfast. The bite-sized treats are made by wrapping savory bacon, scrambled eggs, and cheddar cheese in a warm biscuit dough. The Stuffed Biscuit Bites feature two bite-sized biscuits served in a portable sleeve.

Gooey Stuffed Biscuit Bites (Image via Dunkin' Donuts)
Gooey Stuffed Biscuit Bites (Image via Dunkin' Donuts)

Along with the new items, customers will also get to enjoy the return of Midnight Brew Dark Coffee for only $1, on all pick-up orders placed through the app or website. The $1 Midnight Coffee deal can be claimed throughout January 2023, and is exclusively available for the rewards program members.

Founded in 1950 by Bill Rosenberg, Dunkin’ Donuts is an American multinational doughnut and coffeehouse chain, as well as a quick-service restaurant. Headquartered in Canton, Massachusetts, the doughnut and coffeehouse chain has its stores spread across 12,900 locations around the globe.

As the name suggests, the chain specializes in doughnuts and coffee and delights customers with its sumptuous taste. The chain also serves a wide range of other baked treats, frozen beverages, hot beverages, sandwiches, soft drinks, and much more.

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