Kim So-hye returns to spotlight two years after bullying scandal, attends press conference for new KBS drama titled My Lovely Boxer

Former I.O.I member Kim So-hye returns to limelight two years after getting embroiled in a bullying controversy (Images via Twitter/SohyeNation)
Former I.O.I member Kim So-hye returns to limelight two years after bullying controversy (Images via Twitter/SohyeNation)

Singer-actress Kim So-hye has returned to the spotlight two years after she was involved in a bullying controversy. On August 21, 2023, the 24-year-old former I.O.I member attended a press conference for her upcoming KBS drama, My Lovely Boxer. She was accompanied by lead actors Lee Sang-yeob and WINNER's Kim Jin-woo.

The former I.O.I member ventured into acting after the group disbanded in 2017. Her last drama before the bullying controversy was the 2021 title Her Bucket List, in which she starred alongside Na In-woo.

Kim So-hye attends press conference for new drama, returns to the industry after nearly two years

The 24-year-old actress and former I.O.I member Kim So-hye attended a press conference for KBS's upcoming drama My Lovely Boxer on August 21, 2023. This marks her first drama in nearly two years after she was hit with bullying allegations.

My Lovely Boxer is a warm, soft-hearted sports drama about Lee Kwon-sook (Kim So-hye), a successful and popular boxer who vanishes before the grand slam for an unknown reason and now teaches in a kindergarten. Kim Tae-young (Lee Sang-yeob) also stars in the title as a cold sports agent who is tasked with bringing Kwon-sook back to the ring.


Kim So-hye's school bullying controversy explained

The artist was embroiled in a bullying controversy in February 2021, when an anonymous netizen alleged that she was famous for "being delinquent" in school. The netizen mentioned that they weren't the direct victim of her behavior but a third party was. They also claimed that the actress was stripped of her vice president title at school because of other incidents, as per Koreaboo.

On the same day as the anonymous netizen's post came to light, the actress' agency S&P Entertainment denied the allegations and threatened legal action against the netizen.

Months later, on July 26, 2021, S&P Entertainment released another statement, updating netizens about the bullying allegations against the actress. As per Koreaboo, the agency stated that the netizen who posted the incident admitted that it was fake and they posted it "out of curiosity."

Reportedly, the person who uploaded the post also asked for leniency, submitted an apology letter, and admitted that they shared the same out of jealousy.

Kim So-hye was one of the many prominent Korean idols, actors, and entertainers who was hit by a wave of bullying allegations in February 2021. Due to the online comments and some individuals refusing to believe her, the singer-turned-actress chose to live outside the spotlight for a few years.

Hence, KBS' My Lovely Boxer is a special project for both the former I.O.I member and her fans, who had been waiting for her to return to the screen. The sports drama is slated for premiere on August 21 at 9:45 pm KST. New episodes will air every Monday and Tuesday.

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