The Glory’s director Ahn Gil-ho admits to school bullying allegations and issues an apology

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The Glory's director Ahn Gil-ho admits to school bullying (Image via Twitter/@songhyekyo_PH)

The Glory’s director Ahn Gil-ho has accepted the school bullying allegations levied against him by his former schoolmate.

On March 10, the day the second part of The Glory was released, PD Ahn Gil-ho was accused of school violence by a former classmate who decided to remain unnamed. The school violence allegations surfaced on the news outlet Dailian, where the victim alleged that The Glory’s director Ahn Gil-ho was a school bully when they briefly studied in a school in The Philippines.

The anonymous classmate confessed that they were surprised to see PD Ahn Gil-ho direct a series around school violence and felt uncomfortable knowing that he was a school bully himself.

At the time, The Glory’s director Ahn Gil-ho had categorically denied all the allegations to Korean media outlet Yonhap news stating “There is no such thing at all."

The Glory’s director Ahn Gil-ho issues an official apology via his legal representative

The Glory’s director admitted to the school bullying allegations levied against him by a former schoolmate from their school days in The Phillippines. He also issued a note of apology via his legal representative.

PD Ahn Gil-ho’s Kim Mun-hui of law firm JIPYONG released a statement on the director’s behalf first apologizing for a mild delay in clarifying matters in the public.

He corroborated that The Glory’s PD Ahn Gil-ho had a girlfriend while he was studying in The Phillippines in 1996.

When the anonymous classmate and his friends teased director Ahn Gil-ho’s then-girlfriend, he momentarily lost perspective and beat up the former schoolmate and his group of friends.

The Glory’s director Ahn Gil-ho asked for forgiveness from deep within his heart to the former schoolmate, his friends, and everyone who was hurt by PD Ahn Gil-ho’s actions. He hoped to meet the victim in person and apologize or at least contact them via phone to convey his apology.

Finally, he apologized to all the fans of The Glory for causing them concern on the day of the series release.

Furthermore, Ahn Gil-ho legal representative also shared via the Korean outlet Sports Chosun that they were verifying facts that happened 27 years ago and people involved in the incident had different tellings of the incident, which made it slightly difficult to verify facts.

Director Ahn Gil-ho himself had a hard time recollecting facts and piecing the timeline of events in chronological order and was worried about distorting facts.

The victim had stated that Ahn Gil-ho and his cronies beat him up and his friends and also threatened them with a knife.

The survivor stated that he cannot get himself to watch the Song Hye-kyo starrer drama because of Ahn Gil-ho’s association with it and even though he doesn’t live in Korea anymore, he will take the matter to end and pursue legal action if required and will provide testimonies from his friends as additional proof. They said:

“If Director Ahn denies it, I will provide you with the testimonies of my friends who were assaulted alongside me. If he denies and takes legal action, I also will actively respond. He is shameless.”

The Glory becomes a global hit on Netflix

Netflix released the much-awaited second part of The Glory starring Song Hye-kyo, Lee Do-hyun, Lim Ji-yeon, Jung Sung-ill, Park Sung-hoon amongst others.

The thrilling revenge saga, penned by writer Kim Eun-sook, follows the story of a young and hopeful high school student, Moon Dong-eun, who is mercilessly bullied and tortured by a rich spoilt brat Park Yeon-jin and her gang of bullies.

The incessant bullying and harassment leads Moon Dong-eun to withdraw from her school, but not before challenging Park Yeon-jin that she would make her life miserable.

Moon Dong-eun spends the next two decades of her life planning Park Yeon-jin and her cronies’ downfall. The first part of the series comprising eight episodes was released on December 8 with the second and final part of the series released on March 10 to a thunderous response from fans across the world.

On March 12, FlixPatrol reported that the thrilling revenge drama series ranked third in the world in the Netflix TV program category during its release.

The Song Hye-kyo starrer ranked first in 26 countries worldwide, including South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Mexico. It ranked second in 13 countries, including France, Turkey, and Brazil, and finally ranked third in the U.S., Canada, and India.

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