The Glory Part 2 ending explained: Is this really the end for Song Hye-kyo and Lee Do-hyun's show?

A still of Song Hye-kyo and Lee Do-hyun in The Glory Part 2 (Image via Netflix)
A still of Song Hye-kyo and Lee Do-hyun in The Glory Part 2 (Image via Netflix)

The Glory Part 2 released on March 10, 2023, and the series has taken the top trending spots already. Based on a real-life story of a victim of physical and mental abuse and bullying in school, the show features Song Hye-kyo as Moon Dong-eun, the victim who sets herself on a path to destruction and revenge. In the second part, she managed to get revenge. The K-drama also reiterated how revenge is a dish best-served cold.

However, the ending of The Glory Part 2 is open to interpretation, leaving enough leeway for the makers to follow the show up with another part. This time, however, the show may concentrate solely on Joo Yeo-jeong's (Lee Do-hyun) character. Considering Dong-eun's revenge is complete in her task to achieve what she had set out to do, the focal point right now is the clues that will lead audiences to believe that another part is possible.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for The Glory Part 2.

Clues that indicate a possibility of a follow-up to The Glory Part 2

The first clue that there could be a follow-up part to The Glory Part 2 is the fact that Joo Yeo-jeong never gets closure. Sure, he learns the truth behind why his father was killed, but he needs to see the perpetrator of the crime live through hell. However, the show doesn't show this, not as obviously as it did with Dong-eun's villains' suffering.

The second clue is Dong-eun providing help to Yeo-jeong to exact revenge. In this sense, she goes above and beyond to set the stage for it all. She is in love, and right now, she is ready to do everything possible to help him escape from the hell he had been living in since his father's death. She takes this seriously because Yeo-jeong's mother is the one who stops Do-eun from ending her life after she is done with her revenge.

The doctor who helped Do-eun and her son, despite knowing their intentions now, wants nothing from Dong-eun except for some help with her son. This in a way hardens Dong-eun's resolve to help Yeo-jeong. So much so that she even reaches out to her assistant Kang Hyeon-nam (Yeom Hye-ran) to help her with a new mission. Work that requires the help of someone tailoring people and finding their weaknesses cannot be wrapped up in one episode.

This is another reason why the possibility of a follow-up for The Glory Part 2 becomes clear. After all, Yeo-jeong's revenge only gets a spotlight in the last episode of the second part of the show.

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