“There is no such thing”: The Glory’s director Ahn Gil-ho hits back at school violence allegations

The Glory
The Glory's director Ahn Gil-ho is accused of school violence by former classmates (Image via Twitter/@LiryOnni)

Today, March 10, saw the release of the second part of the critically acclaimed Netflix thriller series The Glory, which is now available to stream for viewers worldwide.

While fans were elated, the shocking incident came to light just hours before the premiere of The Glory. Director Ahn Gil-ho has been accused of school violence by a former classmate who decided to remain unnamed.

The allegations surfaced on the news outlet Dailian, where the victim alleged that The Glory’s director Ahn Gil-ho was a school bully and that they felt uncomfortable watching the drama knowing that he was a school bully himself.

Shortly after the news report went viral, The Glory’s director Ahn Gil-ho denied the school violence allegations, stating that "There is no such thing at all."

The Glory’s director Ahn Gil-ho is accused of school violence by a former classmate

A former classmate has accused The Glory’s director Ahn Gil-ho of being the perpetrator of school violence.

The anonymous former classmate revealed to the news outlet Dailian that they felt conflicted and uncomfortable watching the show directed by their alleged former classmate and director Ahn Gil-ho, who was a school bully himself.

The classmate revealed that they found out about the revenge-thriller series centered around school bullying through a group chatroom with his former classmates from the Philippines. He stated that he could not bring himself to watch the Song Hye-kyo starrer and dares to direct a drama dealing with school bullying.

“However, I can’t forgive him for having the audacity to direct a drama dealing with school bullying like The Glory.”

Detailing the abuse he endured at the hands of PD Ahn Gil-ho, the anonymous classmate shared that he had bullied them while they were in middle school in 1996 in the Philippines.

The anonymous schoolmate alleged that director Ahn Gil-ho was dating a middle school girl, and the former classmate and his friends teased director Ahn Gil-ho about it, who then proceeded to thrash the anonymous schoolmate for mocking his then-girlfriend.

According to the former schoolmate, PD Ahn Gil-ho and his ten friends beat them up for hours. Additionally, according to a former classmate, director Ahn Gil-ho even threatened to stab them with a knife.

Furthermore, the anonymous classmate stated that he doesn't live in Korea and was encouraged by his friends to bring this matter to light and openly call out director Ahn Gil-ho. Additionally, the director's former schoolmate revealed that because of Ahn Gil-ho, seniors started abusing their juniors more often in school.

The former classmate confessed that he is ready to pursue legal action if required and will provide testimonies from his friends as additional proof.

“If Director Ahn denies it, I will provide you with the testimonies of my friends who were assaulted alongside me. If he denies and takes legal action, I also will actively respond. He is shameless.”

The Glory’s Ahn Gil-ho denies the school violence accusations

Responding to the Korean media outlet Yonhap News, director Ahn Gil-ho categorically denied all the school violence allegations levied against him. He acknowledged having lived and attended school in the Philippines but said he had no recollection of ever hitting a group member.

“There’s no such at all," director Ahn Gil-ho stated in response to the school violence allegations.

Meanwhile, the drama's production team has been notified of the allegations and has stated that they are conducting an internal inquiry and will decide on their next course of action once they complete their investigations.

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