Lee Jong-suk comeback K-drama Big Mouth ratings in, Kim Se-jeong’s Today’s Webtoon trails behind

Posters of Today’s Webtoon and Big Mouth (Image via mbcdrama,sbsdrama/Instagram)
Posters of Today’s Webtoon and Big Mouth (Image via mbcdrama,sbsdrama/Instagram)

The viewership rating for Lee Jong-suk’s comeback drama, Big Mouth, is in. Nielsen Korea stated that the show, which premiered on Friday, July 29, has received a viewership rating of 6.2%. The show marks Lee Jong-suk’s first show since he was discharged from his military service. Big Mouth is an MBC original show that also stars Girls Generation idol Yoon-ah. Another show that premiered on the same day as Big Mouth is actor Kim Se-jeong’s K-drama Today’s Webtoon.

Today’s Webtoon trailed behind Big Mouth in terms of ratings as it acquired a viewership rating of 4.1%. The SBS drama is a remake of a popular manga series titled Sleepeeer Hit! The two shows have taken over the slots previously occupied by Doctor Lawyer and Why Her? Both shows belong to different genres, and the anticipation surrounding Lee Jong-suk's show is higher.

What is Big Mouth and Today’s Webtoon all about?

Lee Jong-suk starrer Big Mouth is a thriller centering on the life of lawyer Park Chang-ho. The title of the show is the nickname for Lee Jong-suk's character on the show. He over promises to his clients and under-performs, leading to a series of failures in the court. His desperation is such that he goes as far as to borrow money from private lenders at a high interest to bribe a judge. This tactic also fails, and at this time, he is approached by someone who works for the mayor of the city to solve a criminal case.

Unfortunately, Park Chang-ho’s greed knows no end. Upon receiving a lot of cash to deal with one case, he realizes the importance of the evidence that he holds. He tries to sell it to the criminal who he believes would be in a lot of trouble if the evidence were to surface. Things, however, take a turn for the worse while he himself gets trapped in this case. He has to figure out a way to escape from the trap that someone has planned for him.

He has to do all of this while ensuring that his father-in-law and his wife Go Mi-ho (Yoon-ah) are both safe. How Chang-ho manages this feat while he is imprisoned is the crux of the show.

As earlier mentioned, Today’s Webtoon is a completely different genre. Starring Kim Se-jeong as On Ma-eum, the show is about a fan of webtoon stories. She is a judo athlete who works as a body guard for special events.

Due to an accident in her past, she decides to take a break. Meanwhile, her love for webcomics takes her on an exciting adventure. Her search for job opportunities in the publishing industry lands her a job at Neon Webtoon’s editorial department. Her journey through this all-new world is the heart of the show.

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