Kim Se-jeong’s first look from Today’s Webtoon revealed

A still of Kim Se-jeong from her upcoming show (Image via sbsdrama. Official/Instagram)
A still of Kim Se-jeong from her upcoming show (Image via sbsdrama. Official/Instagram)

Actor Kim Se-jeong is back with another entertaining K-drama titled Today’s Webtoon after her successful role in Business Proposal with Ahn Hyo-seop. SBS released tlookrst looks of the actor on its social media handle. Interestingly, Se-jeong’s last hit was also for this very network.

In addition to Kim Se-jeong, Today’s Webtoon stars Kim Se-jeong, Nam Yoon-su, Choi Daniel, Kim Gap-soo, Park Ho-san, Yang Hyun-min, Do Kwon, Kang Rae-yeon, Ahn Tae-hwang, Nam Bo-ra, and Song Dong-woon in pivotal roles. Not only is this show an adaptation based on a manga series titled "Juhan Shuttai!" penned by Naoko Matsuda, it is also a remake of the Japanese hit show Sleepeeer Hit.

Today’s Webtoon is reportedly adapted by Jo Soo-won, Kim Young-hwan, Jo Ye-rang, and Lee Jae-eun for the Korean audience.

Breakdown of Today’s Webtoon first look

The images reveal Kim Se-jeong in an all-new look. She sports short hair and office shirts in both the photos. From what we know of the manga series, the lead character, On Ma-eum (Kim Se-Jeong), is a judo athlete with both talent and ambition. However, an injury ends her career as an athlete, and she lands a job in a webtoon's editorial department.

The series is reported to be a "warm and relatable office drama." On Ma-eum will struggle at her new workplace and find it difficult to get along with her new colleagues. All of this leads to this character’s growth as a person. Today’s Webtoon is a coming-of-age story about how On finds her place within the organization.

Today’s Webtoon release date

The release date of the Kim Se-jeong-starrer was announced in May. It will premiere on July 29, 2022, and will take over the spot currently occupied by the legal thriller Why Her? It also marks Choi Daniel’s return to the small screen after four years.

Speaking about the show, the producers said:

“We recently wrapped up reading practice and began filming. Kim Se-jeong, Choi Daniel, Nam Yoon-su, and the rest of the main cast is creating a warm and relatable office drama through their perfect character synchronization and sincerity. Their office place chemistry is better than expected so it feels like we’ve received a lot of support.”

With Kim Se-jeong's track record, Today's Webtoon is surely going to be a hit as well. Don't forget to watch the first episode on June 29, 2022.

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