Today’s Webtoon: Nam Yoon-su is a dedicated office worker in the newly released stills of the drama

Nam Yoon-su in a still from Today's Webtoon (Image via SBS Drama)
Nam Yoon-su in a still from Today's Webtoon (Image via SBS Drama)

SBS dropped the first stills of Nam Yoon-su from the upcoming drama Today’s Webtoon. Today’s Webtoon is the official Korean remake of the popular 2016 Japanese drama series Sleepeeer Hit! The drama revolves around On Ma-eum, played by Kim Se-jeong, a former judo athlete who joins Neon Webtoon’s editorial department as a new employee. She works hard and struggles to mature into a true webtoon editor amidst the competitive webtoon industry in South Korea.

Nam Yoon-su will be portraying the role of Goo Joon-young, On Ma-eum’s dedicated office co-worker in the drama. In the first still, he can be seen wearing a cool navy-blue colored blazer and a plain white tee-shirt underneath with the strap of his ID card hanging around his neck. In the second still, Nam Yoon-su is seen wearing a smart grey-colored suit, sporting a cool, comma hairstyle while looking at something intently. In the third and final still, Nam Yoon-su has a slightly pained and pensive expression on his face as his gaze is fixed on something unknown.

Check out Nam Yoon-su’s new stills for Today’s Webtoon

Today’s Webtoon: Nam Yoon-su’s terrific chemistry with Kim Se-jeong is highly anticipated

Nam Yoon-su will star as On Ma-eum’s office co-worker Goo Joon-young in the drama series. He enters Neon Webtoon’s editorial department at the same time as her. Joon-young is highly intelligent, boasting of an impressive IQ of 150, and aims to be the best of the best.

He is confident that his intelligence and skills will make him an invaluable asset for Neon, and was hopeful of a highly salaried position. However, he is confused when he is assigned to the webtoon editorial department instead.

Kim Se-jeong and Nam Yoon-su are paired opposite each other for the first time and despite the limited content we have received regarding the drama so far, we can safely predict that the chemistry between the two leads is highly anticipated and will be one of the key highlights of the drama.

The two are completely different from each other, and unlike On Ma-eum, who pours her heart and soul into everything and works with passion and hard work, Goo Joon-young's character exudes intelligent and prickly vibes, and isn’t entirely satisfied with his new job.

His dissatisfaction will lead to him feeling cynical about his job, but On Ma-eum’s dedication and sincerity will inspire him to look at the webtoon editorial department with a new outlook.

It will be interesting to see how Goo Joon-young deals with the first failure after having led an almost-perfect life before and how On Ma-eum’s influence will change his life forever.

The production team of Today’s Webtoon commented:

“Actor Nam Yoon Su completely melted into a completely different role from his previous work. We are confident that you can look forward to his dramatic transformation.”

More about Nam Yoon-su, the lead actor of Today’s Webtoon

Nam Yoon-su is currently one of the most talented and upcoming young actors in the South Korean entertainment industry. He made his debut as a model in 2014 and initially acted in music videos in 2014 and 2015.

However, he made his official acting debut in MBC every1's drama 4 Kinds of House and appeared later year in the web drama Want More 19.

He gained prominence with Netflix’s Extracurricular, which gave him global recognition and even got nominated for the Best New Actor – Television in the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards.

He has starred in some solid A-list projects such as Birthcare Center, Beyond Evil, The King’s Affection, Extracurricular, and now, Today’s Webtoon.

Today’s Webtoon will premiere on July 29 at 10.00 pm KST (06.30 pm IST) on SBS Drama.

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