KMCA responds to EVERGLOW Yiren's Korean bow controversy 

K-pop idol Yiren (Image via Twitter/@EVERGLOW_twt)
K-pop idol Yiren (Image via Twitter/@EVERGLOW_twt)

On January 2, 2022, EVERGLOW members attended a fan meet as part of their promotional activities for their third album Return of the Girl. At the event, the members greeted and wished fans a Happy New Year.

While singers E:U, Sihyeon, Mia, Onda, and Aisha bowed down in front of their fans on their hands and knees in Keunjeol, the traditional Korean way, Yiren decided to stick to her traditional Chinese way of greeting, by joining one’s hands together. This left some fans bewildered.

Now, The Korean Music Content Association (KMCA) has expressed its thoughts related to EVERGLOW's Yiren’s Korean bow controversy. The association had a positive response towards the issue and stated that it is trying to incorporate a more liberal approach.

KMCA emphasises on the essence of music as a response to EVERGLOW Yiren's controversy

The KMCA is an association which represents South Korea's main music industries and distribution companies. In 2008, it was established to protect music content's IP for combating piracy. It is also one of the organizers of the Gaon Chart, the largest domestic music chart in Korea.

On January 28, 2022, KMCA addressed the issue pertaining to K-pop idol Yiren as she refused to do the Korean bow, Keunjeol, during a fan meet.

Everglow's Yiren stirs controversy after refusing to kneel at Korean fan meet due to cultural differences

Choi Kwang-ho, the secretary-general of KMCA, stated the following with respect to the controversy,

"We respect various opinions on the controversy, but for the development of K-pop fandom, we need to think about the essence of music."

In other words, the association emphasized the need to focus on the bigger picture - the essence of music or the true nature of music. He further stated that music, unlike politics or ideology, does not cause confrontation and conflict but connects everyone from different walks of life.

The KMCA further said,

"It is the role that the world wants from K-pop fandom, to give exchange and harmony to all conflicting things through good music."

The association also stated that it is working extremely hard to establish a K-pop fandom culture which respects the essence of music and creates a space where like-minded people with positive energy come together as one, regardless of society's social norms.

EVERGLOW's Yiren creates mixed reactions among fans

Several Chinese netizens praised Yiren for sticking to her roots. Meanwhile, Korean fans were apparently disgruntled by Yiren’s greeting gesture. They expressed their opinion that the singer was too proud.

Taking that into consideration, several Chinese fans explained Yiren’s gesture by bringing forth the knowledge that in Chinese culture, people only bow down (Kowtow) in front of gravestones, or grandparents. In China, bowing is a sign of veneration as opposed to a friendly greeting. Hence, it would have been inappropriate according to Chinese culture and practice.

However, after being criticized, Yiren left for China on vacation. The idol's agency, Yuehua Entertainment, announced that the travel was motivated by her academic break.

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