“Leave Jennie Alone”: BLACKPINK fans jump in the idol’s defense after she was criticised for her risque clothing at their recent concert

BLACKPINK's Jennie was criticised for her risque clothing recently (Image via Twitter/@jenniexpics)

BLACKPINK’s fans defend member Jennie after she was criticized for her risque clothing at the group’s recent BORN PINK World Tour.

The girl group recently performed in Paris’ Accor Arena on December 11 and 12 as part of their ongoing World Tour. However, Jennie’s outfit drew mixed reactions from fans for wearing a bralette and a mini skirt with a bomber jacket.

At one point, she took off her jacket, danced, and twerked for fans. Her risque clothing and bold moves didn’t sit well with Korean fans who began criticizing her.

However, several BLINK shot back at the naysayers, asking them to “LEAVE JENNIE ALONE.”

Screenshot of user @miblinks (Image via Twitter)
Screenshot of user @miblinks (Image via Twitter)

Jennie’s fans defend her against hateful words from K-netizens

Jennie’s fans jump into her defense after other Korean fans criticized her bold choice of clothing and twerking on the stage.

At one point during BLACKPINK's Paris concert, the SOLO singer took off her silver jacket and was only seen in her black bralette and a mini skirt. She tied her hair in two ponies, covering the front of her body. As the concert drew to a close, she began dancing impromptu on stage. She also twerked for fans, earning cheers and applause from her members as well as BLINKs.

However, K-netizens took to social media to express their opinion on Jennie’s outfit and her twerking, criticizing the idol for acting so bold and upfront on stage. Fans also wondered why Jennie or any other BLACKPINK members are required to wear such short dresses for their concerts.

However, BLACKPINK fans jumped to her defense, calling out Korean fans' hypocrisy for criticizing the Pink Venom singer when other female idols dress similarly at their concerts. BLINKs also criticized Korean fans for moral policing female idols in a way they would never do to a male idol.

They also pointed out the differences between Korean and international concerts, resulting in the varied reception of idols' performances and aesthetic choices by fans. This also led to BLINKs hoping that the SOLO singer will not be affected by this and will dress and enjoy herself however she wants to.

The debate also opened up discussions on the various pressures female idols face, which are different from their male counterparts. Additionally, fans raised questions about what the female idols have to go through to establish themselves and how K-pop needs to adapt to global cultures and the expectations that is on par with what female artists face in Korea.

BLACKPINK's Jennie attended the Jacquemus afterparty

The SOLO singer made heads turn at the Jacquemus Le Raphia Spring/Summer 2023 fashion show. Dressed in a short off-white dress, she looked gorgeous in her outfit paired with a beige coat and a mini-purse.

Based on various clips circulating online, the SOLO singer had a gala time at the party, letting her hair down and having fun. She even demanded her song Pink Venom be played at the party.

The SOLO singer danced and took photos with Korean supermodel Shin Hyun-i and founder Simon Porte Jacquemus.

Fans noticed that the singer was mildly tipsy as she was seen hugging and giggling as they admitted they were happy to see her like this, especially after all the personal and professional lows she has been through this year.

BLACKPINK will next perform in Copenhagen’s Royal Arena in Denmark as part of their BORN PINK World Tour.

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