"Living legends": Fans rejoice as BTS become the most viewed artist in YouTube history 

BTS has become the most viewed act on YouTube (Image via Twitter/@bts_bighit)
BTS has become the most viewed act on YouTube (Image via Twitter/@bts_bighit)

BTS has added a new YouTube milestone to their ever-increasing slew of achievements. The septet became the most-viewed artist in YouTube history on August 13, with over 26.7 billion views across all of their official channels. This number includes all music videos as well as dance practice videos.

The three videos that contributed the most to this milestone were Boy With Luv, their 2020 smash hit Dynamite, and their 2017 hit DNA, as the MVs for all three have over one billion views, making them their top three most watched music videos.

BTS' feat was achieved because of the fandom's dedication

The seven artists are flying high on top, breaking records left, right, and centre. Their music videos and other content are constantly viewed in large numbers on YouTube, all thanks to the dedication of their fandom, ARMY. The final views are a culmination of all the videos across the group’s multiple channels. It is primarily led by BANGTAN TV, the group's primary content carrier.

HYBE LABELS is the agency's official channel for all music videos, which includes those released by BIGHIT MUSIC, PLEDIS Entertainment, Source Music, KOZ Entertainment, BELIFT LAB, ADOR, and others.

The latest feat was achieved primarily due to ARMY's dedication towards BTS’ music videos. After the news was released, fans took to Twitter to congratulate the septet for this achievement and showering them with praise for their hard work.

Many fans couldn't help but call them "Living Legends."

As BTS reigns supreme, they have now surpassed other artists on YouTube such as Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Shakira, and others.

The septet currently leads the pack with 26.737 billion views, while Justin is not far behind with 26.732 billion views.

Apart from the newest feat on YouTube, the group actively creates milestones on other platforms as well. Earlier in the month, the group’s vocal line collaborated with producer Benny Blanco and rapper Snoop Dogg to release the song Bad Decisions on August 5.

The song is a pre-release track from Benny Blanco's upcoming album, and the music video features the producer as well as Snoop Dogg.

Bad Decisions debuted on Spotify's Top Songs Global Chart shortly after its release. According to the recent chart update, Bad Decisions is the highest new entry on the chart, debuting at number 7. According to Spotify, the collaborative song has received 4,157,585 streams.

More about the group's recent milestones

The group's youngest, Jung Kook, released a collaborative track with American artist Charlie Puth in July. The track garnered 100 million Spotify streams in less than a month, making the singer the fastest K-pop and Korean soloist to achieve this feat. The singer received the feat in just 24 days.

Titled Left and Right, the track was well received by the audience, whose love and praise helped Jung Kook and Charlie Puth break records just 20 minutes after the release of the song. Puth took to Twitter to share the 'crazy' news after the song received 500,000 streams on Spotify in just 20 minutes.

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