"Looks edited": V and Jennie's viral picture stirs online debate among K-pop fans

BTS' V and BLACKPINK's Jennie are embroiled in dating rumors (Image via BIG HIT MUSIC and YG Entertainment)
BTS' V and BLACKPINK's Jennie are embroiled in dating rumors (Image via BIG HIT MUSIC and YG Entertainment)

Another day and another conspiracy theory in the K-pop world, and this time it's BLACKPINK's Jennie and BTS' V.

On August 23, a viral photo of the BTS member and BLACKPINK's Jennie took social media by storm. In the photo doing the rounds, the Singularity singer can be seen on the makeup chair getting his hair and makeup done, and Jennie can be seen clicking a picture of them together.

Jennie's reflection can be seen in the mirror as the BTS member smiles.

As soon as the pictures went viral, K-pop fans started debating if the viral photo of the two K-pop stars was real or photoshopped.

The photo has the watermark of a certain person named "Gurum Haribo." Now, fans wonder if BLACKPINK's Jennie clicked a picture with the Sweet Night singer, and how did "Gurum Haribo" get their hands on it and circulate it on social media?

Some are convinced it is an "edited picture" of the BTS member and Jennie doing the rounds because of the shadow.

K-pop fans are convinced that V and Jennie's viral picture is fake

Fans are even trying to find the origin of the photo based on the K-pop idols’ outfits and hairdos.

Many kept chanting that the picture doing the rounds was "edited" just like their previous photo at Jeju Islands, which sparked the dating rumors in the first place.

Others don't want to get into this debate and feel both sides must accept their relationship and their need for privacy.

Meanwhile, some fans have become internet detectives and are piecing together more shreds of evidence of the pair's romantic relationship.

K-pop fans feel Jennie and V met before his Paris trip in June and have shared pictures as proof of their "claim."

As soon as the pictures went viral, Detective ARMYs and BLINKs got together to find the source of the viral photo.

While fans are convinced that a "fake friend" of the pair leaked the photo, others say that these photos were clicked on the day the BTS member left for CELINE's fashion show in Paris alongside BLACKPINK's Lisa and Park Bo-gum in June.

Fans noticed that the Inner Child singer was wearing the same cheetah print outfit he wore the day he flew to Paris on June 24, adding fuel to the fire.

Earlier this year, the Sweet Night singer and BLACKPINK's Jennie were allegedly spotted driving together to Jeju Island, which sparked dating rumors.

In the photo, the "BTS member" can be seen driving the car while "Jennie" is seated in the passenger's seat. At the time, a few sources had confirmed that they had indeed spotted the BTS member and Jennie at Jeju Island at the same time.

Till today, fans have been debating the veracity of the photos and whether they were even the Singularity singer and Jennie in the viral photos or not. While BIG HIT MUSIC did not comment on the news, YG Entertainment stated:

“We have nothing to say”.

The two got involved in dating rumors for the first time when the Bangtan member accidentally followed Jennie on Instagram and immediately unfollowed her.

He quickly explained on Weverse, saying, "Instagram is hard to understand."

BTS’ V surpasses EXO and Stray Kids to become the 7th most-followed K-pop account on Spotify

The talented Bangtan singer has surpassed EXO and Stray Kids to become Spotify's 7th most-followed K-pop account.

Not only is he the most followed BTS member on Instagram and the fastest celebrity to reach 50 million followers, but he has also proved his star power time and again with solo hits like Singularity, Inner Child, and Stigma, and OSTs like Sweet Night, It's Definitely You, and Christmas Tree that have raked in good numbers on Spotify.

He is currently the only K-pop act among the top 10 most-followed accounts without an official album or mixtape release.

He joins BTS' rap line members RM, j-hope, and SUGA, as the only K-pop soloists who entered the top 10.

At the time of writing this article, BIG HIT MUSIC and YG Entertainment have not commented on the matter and fans are awaiting their response

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