LOONA's choreographer speaks up about unpaid dues

Recent events have cast on more doubt on LOONA's future (Image via YouTube/loonatheworld)
Recent events have cast on more doubt on LOONA's future (Image via YouTube/loonatheworld)
Tuba Waqar

K-Pop band LOONA is reportedly facing financial trouble. The latest to come to the forefront was the choreographer for LOONA, who claimed to have not been paid for almost a year. The company representing the band, Blockberry Creative, has, according to insiders, been in debt of over ₩100 million in unpaid fees to multiple external companies that have worked with them.

While this crisis in the LOONAverse has made several Orbits (Fans of LOONA) reach out to various potential saviors like Elon Musk and Kim Chi, this latest news is making them worry about the band's future.

LOONA's choreographer Kim Hwa Young speaks up

The choreographer, Kim Hwa Young, brought up the matter on her personal Instagram account. She posted a screenshot of the news about LOONA's agency, Blockberry Creative's financial crisis. Along with that, the choreographer claimed that she hasn't been paid since 2020, and is owed around $70k! The post read:

They aren’t paying the choreographer for LOONA, Blockberry…is this a joke cus there’s no way in hell
Firstly, keep up etiquette and give me (the pay) as much as I have worked. I proceeded with PTT (“Paint The Town”) despite not being paid for 2020. Please deposit the money after you check the drafts that I sent you carefully. You promised to make the deposit by September 30, today.

Despite the financial difficulties Kim Hwa Young is facing, she made it a point to specify that the blame was not on LOONA, but on the management. The choreographer emphasized that she took the job only because of her love for the band, calling LOONA members her "daughters."

I’m so sorry to all the dongsaengs in my choreography team who proceeded with the job while trusting in me until now. Please wait a little! And our pretty LOONA who always works hard! I took the job because of these “daughters” of mine. Even before promotions for PTT, they had not paid us yet but I was told that it would all be paid in August to September so I created the draft and proceeded with the choreography.

The choreographer concluded her post by asking Blockberry Creative to pay off the due fees, including those of the Japanese promotions.

I’m so embarrassed, that I have to (pursue) such a small sum… But things got big because that small sum kept being delayed. How great would it have been if you paid things on time. It’s not like the kids promote that often, and it is only during promotions that expenses are occurred. Let’s not create a situation where we have to be at each other’s throats and please cleanly pay off all the fees including the Japanese promotions’ and wrap things up!

Kim Hwa Young is a very popular figure in Korean entertainment, with her having acted as the choregrapher for shows like Unnies! Slam Dunk.

Reactions from fans

loona’s choreographer who covered xs by sawayama (rina shared it on her ig stories) you deserve better but don’t leave my girls please... hold on 🥺
the fact that loona’s choreographer call the girls their “daughters” and still decided to work for loona unpaid. the ppl who work with loona love them but the company may ruin all that i’m so upset
and any other fandom making fun of loona or the choreographer kindly go to hell
@BLlNK3TIMES choreographer posted on ig asking bbc to pay her and then the news on korea were posting about loona being broke and all bbc said they would do is “look into it”

Fans of LOONA have come out in support of both the choreographer and the band, while criticizing Blockberry Creative. While a few were blaming the choreographer, the majority were in full support of her. The latest revelation, combined with prevailing doubts about the band's financial future, has fans of LOONA worried.

Several fans have also asked the choreographer not to abandon LOONA and to stay on.

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