Married At First Sight: Lindsey clashes with Mark when he says he wants to "slow down" the relationship

Mark and Lindsey's relationship put to test on Married at First Sight (Image via mafslifetime/Instagram)
Mark and Lindsey's relationship put to test on Married at First Sight (Image via mafslifetime/Instagram)

Lifetime's Married At First Sight stars Mark and Lindsey had been one of the five couples from the show's 14th season to endure all the awkwardness and issues up until now. But in episode 5 of the show, the relationship was put to the test, which did not end well for them.

Mark felt their relationship was going too fast and conveyed the same to Lindsey during their romantic dinner date. Unfortunately, what followed was a heated argument between the Married at First Sight couple in their hotel room.

Towards the beginning of the episode, as the girls were hanging out on the catamaran, Lindsey had confessed that she loved Mark but the dinner date changed her perspective.

Mark wants to "slow down" the pace; a breakout from Lindsay on Married at First Sight

In the catamaran, a clash between Katina and Lindsey made Mark think twice before moving forward. Although the couple were head over heels for each other, constant issues did fracture their relationship. Mark went and apologized to Olajuwon for Lindsey's behavior.

During their dinner date, Mark revealed that he wanted to slow things down and not rush into anything. He said:

“I don’t want to get too, too lovey-dovey because we literally just met. And there’s so many things that are going on and it has to flow organically.”

Lindsey was surprised by Mark's shift in attitude, and what was supposed to be a romantic dinner turned into a nightmare for the couple. She said:

“It’s just a little confusing for me to hear you say, ‘Oh, I want to take it slower’ when you’re the first one who wanted to jump all in."

Lindsey told Mark that if wanted her to slow down, he should have slowed down as well. Lindsey was upset at the fact that the statement came after they had already consummated the marriage. She said:

“Why would you plan a romantic dinner with me and then say, ‘I want to pull back’? Why would we have consummated our marriage? If this is your idea of a romantic dinner, never plan one again for me. Ever.”

The episode ends with them in a hotel room, with Lindsey visibly frustrated at the thought of what transpired over dinner. The couple has always had trouble communicating when any issues are addressed. Mark had initially seen signs of trouble and had addressed the same during breakfast as well.

Mark and Lindsey addressed the elephant in the room

Mark and Lindsey's relationship in troubled waters (Image via mafslifetime/Instagram)
Mark and Lindsey's relationship in troubled waters (Image via mafslifetime/Instagram)

As Mark and Lindey had a conversation before breakfast, they spoke about what had happened to them so far. In the same conversation, Mark advised that Lindsay should avoid problems that could cause harm to her and their relationship.

He hinted at how Lindsey's drinking habits have caused issues in their journey so far. Lindsey had consumed a few bottles of champagne on her way to the wedding venue, which made Mark vary about their relationship going forward.

Lindsey also got involved in a fight with fellow Married at First Sight cast member Olajuwon. Even before landing at their honeymoon destination, Lindsey was the least favorite and less liked by other cast members. But Mark stood by her and supported her throughout the fight.

New episodes of Married at First Sight Season 14 air Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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