Marry My Dead Body on Netflix: Release date, air time, plot, cast, & all you need to know

Featuring Greg Hsu and Austin Lin (Image via Netflix)
Featuring Greg Hsu and Austin Lin (Image via Netflix)

The smash-hit Taiwanese film, Marry My Dead Body, is an action-comedy starring Greg Hsu and Austin Lin. The film has achieved remarkable box office revenue of $11.5 million (NTD 360 million), securing the top position for Mandarin films in the first half of the year. It explores various societal themes, including the concept of ghost marriage, LGBTQ+ issues, and more.

Marry My Dead Body has already been aired in Thai theaters on February 10, 2023. It is now slated to premiere on Netflix on August 10, 2023, with a runtime of two hours and ten minutes.

As mentioned before, the concept of ghost marriage has been showcased in the movie.

As per the BBC, in Taiwan, a unique cultural practice known as ghost marriage is observed when an unmarried woman passes away. The family places red packets containing cash, paper money, a lock of hair, and a fingernail in a public area, waiting for a man to pick them up. The first man to do so is considered the chosen groom. Refusing to marry the deceased, known as a ghost bride, is believed to bring about bad luck.

Marry My Dead Body puts a unique spin on this tradition.

What to expect from Marry My Dead Body

Marry My Dead Body showcases a same-sex marriage between a human and a ghost. One fateful day, a police officer stumbles upon a red wedding envelope, only to discover that the intended recipient is actually a spirit from the afterlife.

The ghost then seeks the officer's hand in marriage before their reincarnation takes place. While the police officer refuses, he has no choice but to work with the ghost, since he wanted to find out the reason behind the person's death.

Cast of Marry My Dead Body

Greg Hsu and Austin Lin play crucial roles in the film and their fates become intertwined when they are forced to marry each other because of the red envelope. While Greg Hsu is set to portray the role of police officer Wu Ming-han, Austin Lin will bring life to the character of the ghost, named Mao Mao.

Greg Hsu as Wu Ming-han

Greg Hsu as Wu Ming-han in Marry My Dead Body has an inflated sense of self-importance. After bungling a high-speed chase involving a drug cartel member, he is assigned the unenviable task of collecting debris from the chaotic pursuit.

In a twist of fate, he mistakenly picks up a red envelope, sending a shiver down his spine as he realizes it's an arrangement for a ghost marriage. To complicate matters further, his ghost spouse, Mao Mao, turns out to be a gay man.

Austin Lin as Mao Mao

Mao Mao, portrayed by Austin Lin, tragically lost his life one night in a hit-and-run incident. His caring and supportive Amah, not wanting him to be alone in the afterlife, creates a red envelope for him.

Following the unfaithful marriage ceremony conducted by Wu Ming-han, Mao Mao discloses to his husband that he cannot be reincarnated until he resolves all the unresolved matters from his previous life. The driver responsible for the hit-and-run was never caught, and Mao Mao insists that Wu Ming-han find the person who took his life.

Fans are excited about the global release of Marry My Dead Body and can't wait to watch it in August.

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