"MINMIN AND BONGBONG": K-drama fans go gaga as Park Hyung-sik and Park Bo-young shares selcas on Instagram following Strong Girl Nam-soon cameo

Featuring Park Bo-young and Park Hyung-sik (Image via Bo-young0212_official/phs1116/Instagram)
Featuring Park Bo-young and Park Hyung-sik (Image via Bo-young0212_official/phs1116/Instagram)

Park Hyung-sik and Park Bo-young posted a selfie of themselves for Strong Girl Nam-soon on their respective Instagram accounts on October 14, 2023. The pictures only added to the anticipation fans had for their cameo in the third episode of the drama.

Park Bo-young captioned her post as:

"Bongsoon and Mincheok are appearing in Gangnamsoon today"

Meanwhile, Park Hyung-sik wrote in his post:

"Bongbong and Minmin appeared in Hemchon Girl Gangnamsoon today!"

As the duo shared selfies ahead of their cameos in Strong Girl Nam-soon episode three, K-drama fans were over the moon. They took to social media to share their thoughts about them, expressing joy and excitement, with one person even stating that the duo was still using their nicknames.

Strong Girl Nam-soon revolves around three generations of women - a mother, daughter, and grandmother - fighting against the increasing drug activities in their neighborhood. They work with an inspector to bring down the mastermind behind the drug use in the Gangnam district. The protagonists of the ongoing drama return to South Korea after getting lost in Mongolia when the main character was barely five or six years old.

Fans can't get enough of Park Hyung-sik and Park Bo-young's selca for Strong Girl Nam-soon

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon originally aired in 2016, where Park Bo-young and Park Hyung-sik showcased their onscreen chemistry, and fans couldn't get enough of it. They were among the most beloved characters of that time.

In the drama, Park Bo-young's character, Bong Soon, was assigned to be the bodyguard of Park Hyung-sik's character, Ahn Min-hyeok, due to her supernatural physical strength.

Now, the duo has shared their selfies, building anticipation for their cameo in Strong Girl Nam-soon. Fans can't get enough of them, and they are excited to see them together again, both in the ongoing drama and in their selfies, six years later. Many fans have expressed their desire to see them reunite once more.

When they saw the latest selfies of Park Hyung-sik and Park Bo-young fans were excited to see the two in Strong Girl Nam-soon. While some said that some things never changed in terms of their pictures, others said that they were excited about the episode.

In the ongoing drama Strong Girl Nam-soon, Lee Yoo-mi takes on the role of Gang Nam-soon. The character is the second cousin of Park Bo-young's character, Bong Soon, who was lost in Mongolia when her father took her on a trip and later saved money to return to find her family.

She is joined by Kim Jung-eun, who plays the role of Gang Nam-soon's mother, Hwang Geum-joo, and Kim Hae-sook, who portrays the role of Lee Yoo-mi's character's grandmother Gil Joong-han.

The trio will fight against the drug dealer Ryu Shin-oh, played by Byeon Woo-seok. They will will be assisted by the police officer Kang Hee-shik, who shares a romantic interest with Gang Nam-soon.

As the third episode of the ongoing drama aired, fans were delighted to watch the duo display affection for each other, with Park Bo-young calling Park Hyung-sik "minmin" and the latter calling her "pretty."

The action and comedy-drama Strong Girl Nam-soon airs every Friday and Saturday and is available for streaming on Netflix.

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