MrBeast distributes 50,000 cookies in wholesome new video

MrBeast makes many fans happy as he donates 50,000 cookies (Image via Instagram)
MrBeast makes many fans happy as he donates 50,000 cookies (Image via Instagram)

Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast, wowed his subscribers as he donated 50,000 cookies, along with other foods, to his local food pantry in support of those in need in a new YouTube video posted on June 24th.

MrBeast is a 23-year-old American YouTuber, philanthropist, and businessman. He has amassed over 60 million subscribers on his main channel and over 4 million subscribers on his Beast Philanthropy channel. MrBeast is known for his generous gestures and giving back to his community.


MrBeast donates thousands of cookies

On Thursday afternoon, MrBeast posted a video titled "Giving Away 50,000 Cookies!" on his Beast Philanthropy channel.

The video detailed the 23-year-old and his crew organizing a mass food donation to their local food pantry. It also featured the types of food being given away, with "15-20 cookies per box" as well.

MrBeast began the video by explaining what goes on at a food drive, stating that he and his team usually gave boxes of food to those that belonged to the "35% below the poverty line":

"This food drive is a little different. For whatever reason, [Milad] was compelled to make 50,000 cookies."

Members of MrBeast's Philanthropy team claimed they were "very touched" by the many people who came and called the event a "huge impact."

Milad then told the team that they needed to give away all the cookies before the end of the food drive and proceeded to name the flavors available:

"Do you understand that we have to get rid of 50,000 cookies? We got chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, and raspberry cheesecake."

The video ended with the team having hundreds of cookies leftover before they donated the rest to other local food pantries.


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Fans find MrBeast's charity to be "epic"

Fans took to Twitter to comment on MrBeast's donation efforts, calling them "epic" and "nice."

As the Kansas native is known to be very generous to the public, fans praised him for his kindness:

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Fans of MrBeast are in awe of his philanthropy efforts and can't wait to see what he will be giving away next.

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