MTV VMAs 2021 labeled "rigged" after Justin Bieber wins Artist of The Year

Justin Bieber won big at the MTV VMAs 2021 (Image via Instagram/Justin Bieber, photo by Rory Kramer)
Justin Bieber won big at the MTV VMAs 2021 (Image via Instagram/Justin Bieber, photo by Rory Kramer)

Justin Bieber made a triumphant return to the MTV VMAs 2021. It was a special and rewarding night for the pop star, who last performed at the event in 2015. Of course, he also won a few awards to cap off a great night.

Although the real reason for his disappearing act from the awards show is not yet known, the last time he took the stage at the MTV VMAs, Bieber noticed how he was booed by the audience. Maybe it’s a reason he distanced himself.

Justin Bieber collected not just one but two important awards at the MTV VMAs 2021. In doing so, he has shown he is capable of more than just being a pop star.

Meanwhile, fans are fuming

Bieber was also nominated for the Artist of The Year category at the MTV VMAs 2021 alongside Ariana Grande, Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion, Olivia Rodrigo, and Taylor Swift.

While some believe he deserved the win, most thought Grande was robbed and the show “rigged.”

One user commented:

“Award shows are rigged #MadisonBeer encouraged hundreds and thousands of people to vote, she didn’t win. #vmas #arianagrande had a way bigger impact and ari had a way better year then Justin. Also at the #grammys 2019, ari was nominated for so much, but going home with nothing.”

Another tweeted:

"#VMAs are so rigged. Justin wouldn’t have even gone if he knew he was gonna lose, he hates award shows to begin with. Scooter was there too it’s so obvious they knew for certain he was gonna win smfh."

A third wrote:

"Sorry no disrespect but Justin winning Artist of the Year over Olivia & Taylor doesn’t make sense I know he had some hit songs but Olivia for ex. had an insane year something is up I’m calling this rigged until someone releases the numbers!! #MTVVMA."

Another user pointed out:

"Yeahhh this shit rigged. Justin’s fan base is not that popping over Olivia’s, Ariana’s or Taylor’s #VMAs."

Justin Bieber wins big at MTV VMAs 2021

The Canadian walked away with the Moon Person for Artist of Year, which celebrates his recently released album Justice and work in 2021 so far.

He then addressed his fans at the MTV VMAs 2021:

“Music is such an amazing opportunity and an amazing outlet to reach people and to bring us all together. I look around here and I see so many beautiful faces and I really do believe the best is yet to come.”

He preceded the epic win with Moon Person for Best Pop Song for his track Peaches, which also features Daniel Caesar and rapper Giveon.

Other winners at the MTV VMAs 2021 were: Olivia Rodrigo for Song of The Year for Drivers License; Doja Cat and SZA for Best Collaboration for Kiss Me More; Travis Scott, Young Thug, and M.I.A. for Best Hip-Hop award for Franchise; BTS for Group of the Year; and Billie Eilish for Video for Good for Your Power.

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