NCT 127 and ITZY fans furious as members fall during performances due to slippery stage after rains

NCT 127 and ITZY (Images via Twitter/@NCTsmtown_127 and @ITZYofficial)
NCT 127 and ITZY (Images via Twitter/@NCTsmtown_127 and @ITZYofficial)
Afreen Khan

NCT 127 and ITZY fans joined hands on October 10 to demand better stage precautions from the organizers of Gangnam Festival K-Pop Concert 2021. Jaehyun and Doyoung had a nasty slip, while Haechan and Johnny barely managed to take control before falling. Even ITZY’s Lia fell on the stage, though the girl group performed after NCT 127.

Rain poured on the day of the concert and there was a good amount of water on the stage. The incident has enraged fans of both clubs, who have demanded that the organizers should have cleaned up the stage properly.

NCT 127 and ITZY fall during their performances at a concert; fans demand better on-stage setup

What was going to be a fun day for fans to watch their favorite groups perform their iconic and new songs, ended up being upsetting.

Among the celebrity line-up for Gangnam Festival K-pop Concert 2021, NCT 127 and ITZY were all set to give spectacular performances. The concert took place outdoors, and unfortunately, during the rain.

The stage crew did attempt to wipe the stage, but as some fans claim, they did a "poor job" at it.

NCT 127 performed their latest release Sticker and B-side track Lemonade, along with their iconic song Kick It. During the performance, Jaehyun slipped and fell on his left hand. The fall was probably much more painful than it looked, as fans noticed that his left hand had been previously injured.

the members looked worried for Jaehyun after he fell... but Jaehyun still continued singing his part with his best😭😭 you did well jaehyun, im hope your okay now
you know what hurts? not jaehyun fell on the just recovered wrist 😭

Doyoung trended on Twitter as fans noticed he had fallen during the Lemonade performance. He quickly regained his posture and continued dancing.

Doyoung also fell :( you can see Mark looking at his direction when he fell, he must've heard him 🥺

Clips of Haechan and Johnny almost slipping have also been doing the rounds.

#Lemonade #HAECHAN It turns out that it's not only Jaehyun, Doyoung, it turns out that Haechan almost slipped and fell.
The stage is really wet and slippery..
Hope you all are well😢😢💚💚💚🌱
Johnny's hand literally slipped and he was about to fall on his face ?? Y'all can't just wipe the floor ?? Is it that hard??

After their performance, ITZY came on stage to perform. During Swipe, Lia disappeared from the frame, falling hard on the stage.

both lia and jaehyun fell and they didn’t clean the stage first?????????????

While fans praised the groups' professionalism, they unleashed their wrath on the event's organizers.

It was more concerning because the organizers let the groups perform on stage filled with rainwater. Fans even provided proof that the stage hadn't been cleaned properly.

jaehyun slipped and fell 😭😭 the floor is visibly wet 😡😡
the floor is sooo wet 😭
And they still gave a superb performance while the floor was this wet 😢You did so well @NCTsmtown_127

Fans have demanded that the organisers take better on-stage precautions, especially for outdoor filming. They have even raised concerns, asking why the performances were filmed outdoors when there were no fans present.

Despite all the problems, both NCT 127 and ITZY managed to put on their A game for their fans.

Outdoor performances are back on the rise, albeit slowly. Even though fans love the, they've been pulled back to reality, once again, about the many mishaps and injuries that occur with on-stage performances.

Edited by Abu Amjad Khan
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